Setting Up Your Company in Bali

👆🏻In the current landscape, Bali is increasingly on the radar for relocation—a rising star in the investment realm.
This surge of interest prompts inquiries about the procedure for establishing a business in Bali and determining the most appropriate company type.
👉🏻The PMA (Penanaman Modal Asing), or Foreign Investment Company, is the pivotal license governing foreign investors' operations. It's a versatile registration option, catering to projects of any scale without imposing limitations on investors.
After your PMA company is established, you can:
  • Obtain a 2-year investor's KITAS (limited stay permit) 
  • Enjoy flexible travel to and from Indonesia 
  • Apply for family KITAS for your relatives 
  • Legally conduct business activities on the island 
  • Open a bank account
🤷🏼‍♀️ Indonesian law is intricate, especially concerning PMA. Independently researching and verifying necessary information can be time-consuming.
Legal Indonesia specializes in navigating these complexities, ensuring a streamlined protocol for our clients.
We offer comprehensive assistance throughout the PMA registration process, including:
  • Advising on the suitable business classification to maximize the percentage of company ownership 
  • Assisting in selecting an office location and obtaining the company address (Domicile Letter) 
  • Applying for a tax identification number (NPWP) from the tax office 
  • Obtaining your company’s business registration number (NIB - Nomor Induk Berusaha) 
  • Acquiring commercial licenses
Our goal is to streamline your company registration process and promptly address any queries that may arise.
For additional information and tailored inquiries, feel free to contact us at @legalindonesia and WhatsApp
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