No more passport stamps and interactions with border officials. How do the autogates at Jakarta airport operate?

An automatic passport control system has been launched in Jakarta at Soekarno-Hatta airport. Now you can cross the border upon arrival in Indonesia in two ways: as before, through personal interaction with the inspector, or through a special turnstile equipped with a facial recognition system.
Since the beginning of January,78 new automatic turnstiles have been installed at Jakarta airport, which are designed to reduce passport control processing time to 15 seconds. Moreover, if there was previous information that such gates would only work for Indonesian citizens, then, judging by official statements, the system is working for foreigners as well. However, provided they either enter on an electronic visa or are citizens of countries eligible for visa-free entry to Indonesia (ASEAN member states).
The terminals were equipped with automatic gates - 52 in the arrival area and 16 in the departure area. Another 10 automatic gates have been installed in Terminal 2, with five each for arrival and departure. These are the same gates used for passport control at Hamad Airport in Qatar, so the technology is not innovative. Although for Indonesia, this is the first experience of interacting with tourists in this way.
Therefore,travelers who have passed through these turnstiles begin to worry that their passports are left free of stamps and stickers confirming entry into Indonesia.
And this is the PDF file that the tourist received by email after crossing the border. In fact, this is confirmation that she entered the country - where and when it was done is marked.
Based on what the Indonesian media write, the girl did everything right. In theory, she could not violate anything. If the gate opened, it means the system did not find any violations. According to the director general of the immigration service, Silmi Karim, these automatic turnstiles integrate several technologies at once. They are capable of facial recognition, which allows reading passport data and matching it with the person looking into the camera. They are also connected to the Border Control Management (BCM) system, which automatically checks the traveler's visa status (if required in their case).
In the near future, the same system should also start operating in Bali.
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