Bali airport has been equipped with a facial recognition system

It became known that Ngurah Rai Airport will now be equipped with a facial recognition system after the Minister of Justice and Human Rights visited the airport's immigration service during a working trip.
Photo: Jawa Pos
The main task was to find out how the Autogate system preparation, which is planned to be implemented this year,is going.
Autogate is an automatic gate for crossing borders and checking documents. Travelers,both Indonesian citizens and foreigners,only need to present their passport to the turnstile and show their visa.
"The presence of Autogate makes the immigration check process faster,more accurate,effective,without losing control and security," said the Minister of Justice and Human Rights.
To make the system work as efficiently as possible,Artificial Intelligence will be connected to the process. It will be responsible for identifying passengers using the facial recognition system.
Ngurah Rai Airport will have 80 automatic gates. 60 of them will be installed in the international arrival zone and 20 in the international departure zone. 30 of them have already been installed and are ready for use.
They will not completely replace the traditional counters with live border guards,so passengers will have a choice of how to confirm their data.
When choosing the automatic gates,the system will take a photo of the tourist,and the resulting image will be compared with the data in the passport,visa,or residence permit. This will be done using artificial intelligence and very quickly. The claimed time for passing through these electronic gates by one traveler is 15 seconds,while personal communication with border guards sometimes takes up to 30 minutes. And now,in just a few seconds,the system will be able to compare the person's image with all the known databases.
However,even such intelligent systems still need human control. Therefore,a dispatching office has been created in the international arrival zone to monitor passenger flows in the terminals.
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