Natural cosmetics in Bali

More and more people are becoming increasingly conscious of what they apply to their skin. The choice often leans towards natural products, which frequently contain fewer synthetic chemicals or none at all in their composition. After all, the various chemicals found in mass-market products can be aggressive on the skin and increase the risk of allergic reactions or irritations.
Natural cosmetics typically feature simple and comprehensible ingredients. However, they may not always be as effective.
Furthermore, as environmental issues like climate change and plastic pollution continue to grow, consumers are seeking products with minimal impact on the environment. Environmentally-friendly cosmetics are often produced using safe methods, biodegradable packaging, and cruelty-free testing.
Natural cosmetics in Bali often include unique locally sourced ingredients such as tropical fruits, herbs, and flowers that may not be readily available elsewhere.
Additionally, Balinese culture has a long history of traditional herbal remedies and beauty rituals. These methods often influence the formulation of natural cosmetics.
It's always important to check the ingredients, expiration dates, and any necessary certifications before making a purchase. This helps ensure the quality and safety of the products you're using.

Sensatia Botanicals

The most famous natural cosmetics store on the island, Sensatia Botanicals, has been manufacturing products in Bali since 2000. The company continues to create skincare products that are beneficial and contain pure natural ingredients.
A bit of history: from the very beginning, Sensatia Botanicals aimed to be much more than just a skincare brand. To this day, 20% of their revenue goes directly to employees across the island of Bali. Moreover, Sensatia Botanicals strives to promote eco-friendliness and minimize its impact on the environment.
The company produces pure and high-quality products that do not contain subpar materials. They carefully source their ingredients from local entrepreneurs and eco-conscious companies. Their products are free from chemicals, artificial substances, or synthetics, and each material undergoes laboratory testing before processing. The finished products go through a quality control center before leaving the facility to ensure they meet strict standards and specifications.
Sensatia Botanicals currently offers a range of over 300 products. You can purchase their products at any of the brand's stores located in various regions of Bali. Additionally, you can buy their products on online platforms like Lazada, Tokopedia, and Shopee.
Their website and physical stores offer skincare lines for different skin types, including dry, oily, and normal skin, hair and scalp care products, body care items, skincare for children, and sun protection products. Many customers praise the company's service and the quality of their products. Sensatia Botanicals also has a referral program with bonuses for purchases, and they frequently have promotions and discounts.

Utama Spice Bali

Utama Spice is a company in Bali that specializes in 100% natural cosmetics. Their products are based on traditional herbs and plants that enhance the natural beauty of your skin.
The company was founded in 1989 and continues to uphold the incredible knowledge and traditions of Bali in the realm of plants and herbs. They produce essential oils and a wide range of skincare products, including toners, creams, masks, lotions, scrubs, body oils, and natural hair care items. All of their products are incredibly aromatic, nourishing, and therapeutic.
Utama Spice also offers reusable containers that you can refill at their stores, reducing waste. In their flagship store, you can even mix your own body creams, scrubs, and balms with essential oils.
Two noteworthy products from Utama Spice are Cocoa Love, an aromatic oil, and Begone Bug, a must-have for repelling mosquitoes and insects.

Chakra Natural Beauty

Chakra Natural Beauty offers a wide range of products for hair care, facial and body creams, natural deodorants, tooth powders, and much more.
They meticulously gather plants, aligning their harvesting with the phases of the moon, and source their raw materials from trusted local farmers. Careful drying and vacuum packaging help preserve the beneficial properties of natural plants and prevent spoilage in the humid climate.
The brand primarily utilizes ingredients like seaweed, mangosteen rind, frangipani, ylang-ylang, and champaka flowers. Some of these ingredients are further processed into essential oils and extracts.
Natural oils undergo a meticulous process using a unique hydraulic press with a chamber made from jackfruit wood. They are stored in dark glass at low temperatures, eliminating the need for preservatives. The method of blending ingredients avoids high-temperature processing, preserving the healing properties of the components.
They even incorporate water from Bali's mountain springs and the Himalayan glacier Gomukh into the aqueous phase of their creams. To extend the shelf life of their natural products, they use a special silver formula.
You can purchase their products in Bali through their website and follow them on Instagram.

Republic Of Soap

This brand offers a wide range of artisanal soaps, body care, and perfumes made from 100% pure ingredients, including essential oils for invigorating scents.
Established in 2003, the company is a high-end cosmetics manufacturer in Bali. They adhere to strict quality, production, and environmental impact standards. They primarily serve hotels, spa salons, villas, and boutiques, and can act as a producer of custom formulations for these establishments.
Additionally, you can visit their store and experience the role of a perfumer, creating your own unique fragrance or product.

BY Cosmetics

The brand's cosmetics are composed entirely of natural, environmentally friendly, safe, and high-quality ingredients. On their website, you can find products for the face, eyes, hair, body, and oral care.
All of their products are certified in Indonesia, Europe, and other countries as 100% natural cosmetics, and they meet all European organic cosmetic quality standards. They have their own factory on the island where they manufacture their cosmetics.
You can have their products delivered throughout the island, and you can place orders on their website.


The company's concept revolves around using only organic, edible ingredients sourced locally. Their product range includes coffee scrubs, cleansers, serums, body oils, and facial masks.
All their cosmetics are made entirely from natural ingredients.

Bali Life

This Balinese brand specializes in natural cosmetics, offering body oils, scrubs, hair conditioners and shampoos, and deodorants. All their products are vegan, natural, and highly aromatic.
You can order their products online or visit their offline store in the center of Ubud and some other retail locations, such as Club Sehat.


Sukin is an Australian skincare brand founded in 2007. The company emphasizes natural ingredients, eco-friendliness, and affordability. Its concept revolves around the effective use of natural ingredients that are gentle on the skin and the planet as a whole. Sukin prioritizes avoiding harsh chemicals, synthetic fragrances, and animal testing in its product line.
This commitment to these principles has contributed to the brand's popularity and success. The packaging is designed for recyclability, minimizing its carbon footprint.
The company has received international recognition, so you can find their products in many countries. While there isn't a Sukin flagship store in Bali, you can purchase their products in some chain stores and private shops, for example, at Grand Lucky.


Djamujamu is a brand that's sure to catch your attention. Their packaging and jars look like high-end cosmetics, and they offer serums, creams, and face masks.
The name "Djamu" refers to a traditional healing drink in Indonesia. Typically, it's a phytotherapeutic remedy made from natural ingredients like roots, bark, flowers, seeds, leaves, and fruits. The culture of Djamu is widespread in the palaces of Yogyakarta and Surakarta, and historical books on Djamu are kept in the Royal Library. Djamu is usually mixed and prepared for the nobility and palace princesses. According to tradition, phytotherapy is the famous beauty secret of palace princesses.
Djamujamu combines traditional and modern culture. The brand creates high-quality products for beauty and health, drawing inspiration from ancient recipes. This blend of herbs and spices improves skin condition, reduces wrinkles, and fights aging.
While there isn't a flagship store on Bali, you can purchase their products:
- on their website (they offer a 15% discount on the first order over 500k);
- in the retail store Club Sehat in Ubud/Sanur;
- on online marketplaces like Tokopedia, Shopee, and Lazada.

Nadis Herbal

This is another reputable natural cosmetics company from Bali. The company actively uses only plants and herbs that grow on the island. They have their own two-hectare farm in the Badung area, where they cultivate around 25 plant species used to create cosmetics.
The farm employs a zero-waste agricultural concept, which is very popular in Bali. Recycled waste, such as turmeric peels, ginger, and other spices, is transformed into garden compost, and paper is used for office purposes. Plant waste, like weeds, is used as cattle feed, and livestock waste is converted into solid organic fertilizers that can be reused for gardening needs.
Many people praise their body and lip oils. A highly recommended product is their almond scrub.

Blue Stone Botanicals

Blue Stone Botanicals produces lip and body balms, as well as Balinese bath soaps. These products are handmade using natural ingredients, including 100% pure essential oils. They are made from natural and beneficial ingredients. The brand's principle is "Healthy People, Healthy Planet," and they do not use palm oil in their products. You can purchase their products in Ubud.


They offer a wide selection of their own-produced essential oils, palm-oil-free soaps, natural deodorants, extra virgin coconut oil, and an excellent coffee scrub. In their physical store, you can also find herbs, spices, and tea, making it a great place for souvenir shopping.


They have a small product range, including shampoos, soaps, body scrubs, and lotions, all made from natural ingredients sourced from Bali. You can contact them and place orders through Instagram.
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