Men's designer clothing in Bali: local and global brands

In the world of fashion, the industry often focuses more on women because they are more prone to emotional shopping, frequently change wardrobe items, and require a larger variety of accessories. In this field, men sometimes can feel that there's an inequality since the privilege of dressing beautifully in stylish designer clothing isn't limited to women only.
When it comes to the diversity of offerings from local brands and stores for men's clothing in Bali, there is indeed a growing selection. Let's take a look at where you can find men's collections on Bali that go beyond mass-market options and explore designer brands and local shops.

The Rogue label

Our list begins with a recently opened space featuring stylish designer clothing for both men and women. This brand originated in Australia and is highly relevant for the Balinese climate.
Creating an item from lightweight materials that looks modern, stylish, and expensive is quite a task. Rogue the Label seems to have succeeded in this. In their collection for the Bali store, the items are mainly made from cotton and linen. The brand adheres to a calm achromatic color palette. Shirts, cotton suits, trousers, and accessories to complement them are popular choices.
Price range: T-shirts starting from $79, shirts starting from $119, shorts starting from $89.
It's worth noting that the brand actively participates in sustainable development programs and uses materials that are environmentally friendly.

Maison Les Énervés

A French brand of men's and women's clothing with stores in Paris, New York, and Bali.
The brand's distinctive feature in all collections is embroidery or prints, creating a unique style and recognizability.
High-quality products made from cashmere, linen, and cotton come at an appropriate cost. For example, a shirt in a pajama style with a vibrant, high-quality print costs $235.  
The brand combines classic and modern sporty styles. Therefore, the desire to create your own unique wardrobe with quality and comfortable items can be fulfilled with a visit to Maison Les Enevres store.

Deus Ex Machina 

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Inspired by the spirit of freedom, travel, the scent of leather, and motor oil, the brand Deus Ex Machina embodies a whole lifestyle. In 2006, a group of enthusiasts from Sydney started with the idea of creating custom motorcycles, and later their lifestyle style successfully extended into other areas. Now the brand's stores can be found in four locations on the island.  
Naturally, the brand's spirit is reflected in its products, showcasing a vibrant and straightforward style, yet bold and daring at the same time, often manifested in prints or color combinations. And the love for motorcycles is evident even in their logo.  
The cost of t-shirts starts from 420,000 Indonesian Rupiah (IDR), shirts from 750,000 IDR, and sweaters from 600,000 IDR.


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Sooner or later, it all becomes tiresome. And if you've grown weary of colorful prints and vibrant accessories, Religion will inject some contrast into your wardrobe. The primary colors are black and white. This isn't a reference to yin and yang, but rather a reflection of the concept of British streetwear vibes and inspiration drawn from lyrical musical compositions.
You can not only explore the collection and try on the clothing in standalone stores but also during your mall shopping excursions.
Back in the 90s, by creating a niche series of t-shirts with anarchic prints, the brand captured the attention of fashion enthusiasts and started to evolve as an independent collection in the rock style.
Currently, in addition to clothing items, the collections also feature a variety of accessories and even perfumes. The price range for t-shirts is around 60 euros on average, bomber jackets start from 135 euros, and trousers start from 90 euros.

By the sea

The main store is located in Canggu, with a total of three in Seminyak, one of which is an outlet.
This is an Indonesian designer clothing brand that features prints in soft shades adapted to European aesthetics. The refined and neat lines, along with a touch of vivacity, are reflected in the brand's products.
Everything is simple and tasteful: lightweight linen blazers, trousers, loose-fitting cotton shirts, and t-shirts. A couple of items for all life occasions of different styles: for an evening stroll, a meeting, or a date. If the store were located somewhere on the Mediterranean coast, it could easily be mistaken for a local establishment.  
The prices range from 590,000 IDR to 2,034,000 IDR. The brand's products are available in 25 locations across the island, with stores in all the tourist areas.


It's wonderful when a brand focuses on classic style and creates loungewear that remains relevant regardless of time. This allows customers to enjoy comfort and elegance in any setting.  
Younaia Kohai designer drew inspiration from the most accessible source - nature, and her talent for creating items was passed down from her grandmother. That's why the products have a contemporary and simple look while carrying a certain charm. The combination of silk and linen in monochromatic colors, plant prints from various islands, or even the absence of prints altogether make the brand popular in the Balinese atmosphere and climate.
The range includes shirts and shorts, t-shirts and long sleeves, suits with loose-fitting shirts and shorts. The prices of the items start from 920,000 IDR, while silk shirts are priced from 2,300,000 IDR.  

Blood + bone

Stylish everyday clothing of good quality at affordable prices. There are stores in almost every area of the island. For example, there's a standalone store in Canggu, one near Padang-Padang in Uluwatu, and a shop on one of the main pedestrian streets in Ubud. This is one of the few network of stores originally created in Bali that utilizes local resources in its production.  
Despite its Balinese origins, the clothing is tailored according to European size standards and fits tourists from any country quite well. However, the brand is popular enough and creates beautiful, vibrant pieces that are comfortable and ideal for wearing on the island. Since worldwide shipping is available, you can order items from almost any location.  
Pricing policy: T-shirts starting from 270,000 IDR, shirts from 499,000 IDR, shorts from 450,000 IDR.  

Cibola Threads

The rebellious teenage spirit and youthful passions inspired a group of teenagers to take a bold and ambitious step in creating their own clothing brand. The brand was founded in 2006 in Kuta, and its main distinctive feature was the hand-painted designs on clothing.  
To this day, the clothing's style maintains an emphasis on prints and slogans. The color palette of the items and the fonts evoke the classic American streetwear, while the mood reflects an independent and carefree nature. The team stays up-to-date with global trends and utilizes organic cotton in their production. Currently, their products are available for purchase only online.  
The prices start from 240,000 IDR for t-shirts, 480,000 IDR for shorts, and 320,000 IDR for hoodies.  


Google Maps: Uluwatu, Seminyak
It seems like you've provided information about a famous local store with a surfer theme that attracts not only surfers but also other visitors to the island with its concept and variety of products. In addition to surfboards and wetsuits, the store offers a rich assortment of everyday clothing and accessories.
At this store, you can find a variety of items such as t-shirts, shorts, baseball caps, jewelry, sunglasses, and other interesting products. They also offer items like books, maps, and souvenir pieces. The prints on the clothing and products are inspired by the island theme with a spirit of adventure, and sometimes they feature illustrations from Buddhist culture. In essence, the store embodies a world of love, balance, waves, and illustrations from "Moby Dick."  
The cost of t-shirts from the new collections starts at 345,000 idr. Caps are priced from 270,000 idr, and shirts start at 700,000 idr.  

Lost in paradise

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A network of local clothing brand with a wide range of products, which is what gained its popularity. By visiting their boutique, you can update almost every item in your wardrobe and no longer spend time on shopping. T-shirts, sweatshirts, jackets, shorts, hats, socks, headwear, bags, and small accessories - everything is presented in their stores.  
The price range is higher than mass-market, and the brand has a distinctive style with items made from quality materials. However, this doesn't necessarily guarantee prolonged wear.  
Cotton t-shirts starting from 459,000 IDR, linen shirts starting from 840,000 IDR, shorts from 500,000 IDR.  


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Of course, it's impossible not to mention the well-known Australian clothing and surf goods chain with stores in America, Europe, and Asia. Their collections include both everyday wear and comfortable clothing for after sports activities. Besides the surf theme, they offer products for skateboarding and snowboarding. In general, for all kinds of board sports, where there's a board, Billabong produces clothing, footwear, and accessories.  
In Bali, they offer a lifestyle collection of t-shirts, hoodies, shorts, baseball caps, and lightweight shirts. There's a variety for those who love graphic prints, a basic style without excessive patterns, and items in achromatic natural shades.  
The cost of t-shirts starts from $25, hoodies and fleece from $40, shirts mainly around $69, and shorts from $59.  


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It seems like you're describing a brand that offers a casual style with a surfing spirit, suitable for both island life and everyday wear. RVCA, which was acquired by Billabong, is an American brand with its own stores that embodies this concept. If you're looking for high-quality clothing with a surfer vibe that can be worn beyond the island, this brand would be a perfect fit.
Indeed, as with all network stores in Bali, they offer a range of items such as t-shirts, shorts, shirts, and hoodies. The only distinguishing factors among the assortments in these network stores are the prints, quality, and pricing. Each brand's unique approach to design and style sets them apart, catering to different tastes and preferences of the customers.  
T-shirts with various prints and logos start at $30, shirts at $60, hoodies at $65, and caps at $30.  

Above the clouds

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A brand with a romantic name that values comfort and nature. Natural materials, classic silhouettes, simple natural shades and colors - all the elements that never go out of style.  
Overall, the creators value quality and functionality, hence they use natural materials like linen and cotton, and sometimes you can find items made with cashmere. Skillfully blending classic cuts and silhouettes with trendy shades, the brand offers a wide range of products to customers. Here, you can find cotton t-shirts, linen shirts, or casual jackets, as well as accessories like scarves and hats. They also have collections with a more formal tone, including blazers, vests, and trousers.  
The pricing reflects the brand's philosophy and makes it quite affordable. For example, you can purchase linen pants for $80, vests for $75, and shirts starting from $80.  
Indeed, T-shirts start from $50, and when comparing to mass-market options, they might be pricier than the average. However, the noticeable difference lies in the quality, which sets them apart from lower-priced stores.  
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