Labuhan Kebo Waterfall in the Buleleng area in Bali

This waterfall is located in the family of Munduk waterfalls. And it stands out with its unique character. Labuan Kebo is probably the most decorative in its family. Moreover, in the best sense of the word. There are no nests and swings here, at least for now. And the main decorations of its river rapids - bridges made of woven bamboo,which organically fit into the landscape.
It is most convenient to visit Labuan Kebo along with the Melanting waterfall, as it is located slightly above its larger and higher counterpart.
Labuhan Kebo has a convenient parking lot. At the entrance, they collect 10,000 from adults. There is also a toilet upstairs. However, there will also be one downstairs.
The path to the waterfall is very short and convenient. Good concrete steps lead down,which are accompanied by bamboo and very harmonious-looking railings on difficult sections.
You haven't had time to get tired, and you're already awaited by the river valley of this waterfall.
There are two bridges thrown over the river rapids. And many beautiful spots for taking photos!
The abundance of bright colors with which plants and flowers paint this space brings delight. Even early in the morning, a pleasant color comes here,giving even more artistic charm to this amazing well-groomed space.
The waterfall is not immediately visible, but you can hear the rumble very well, as well as the chirping of many insects.
As you approach the stream,you begin to be more and more strongly sprayed with fresh splashes. If you don't want to get your photographic equipment wet,leave it somewhere behind a stone or use a waterproof case.
The lagoon by the waterfall is not very deep, but it is enough to stand comfortably under the stream and refresh yourself before another adventure.
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