Tutub Waterfall in the Buleleng area on Bali

Tutub Waterfall will hardly be included in the mandatory viewing program in Bali. In this mountain village, there are waterfalls more powerful, more visually interesting,surrounded by more picturesque landscapes. Nevertheless, Tutub has its interesting features.
The waterfall parking lot is located on the main road opposite the Tutub cafe. There is also a fee for entry, amounting to 10,000 rupiahs.
Tutub is very easy to descend to. The road to it will take about 5-7 minutes. Earth steps lead to it, but they are very carefully and considerately paved with wood.
When you descend, you immediately see two waterfalls. One is tall, about 15 meters with a small lagoon, where the water is quite clean if its bottom is not disturbed.
And the second one, pouring with several streams from a height of 1.5 - 2 meters. Moreover, both of these waterfalls are fed from different rivers that merge in this valley.
But behind this second not very high waterfall, there is a small forest canyon where you can find a third waterfall about 5-6 meters high. It will not be very convenient for swimming, as its bottom is covered with leaves, on which it is easy to slip, but it looks very cute.
Tutub Waterfall can be visited by those who have already explored all the waterfalls in the area and want to become honorary waterfall researchers from Munduk village. If you do not have much time in Munduk, it is better to see the Munduk Red Coral, Melanting, and Labuan Kebo waterfalls.
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