KAP ~ Kundalini Activation Process in Bali

What is Kundalini Activation Process?

KAP is a transmission of a natural but powerful life force energy. When surrendering to this process the energy will start to flow from your crown down towards the root chakra. It gradually builds up and can, over time or immediately, start flowing both ways. Some people need more time than others to feel and surrender.This is a very natural and flowing process that will not shock your system in any way. This is intelligence at work to give your system what it needs at the moment. It’s a clearing of the pathways as much as possible or as much as you can surrender to at that time. In KAP you simply will be lying down, music will be played and I will work with you energetically surrounding your body and by touching different chakra points. Surrender yourself and let arise what will expressed.KAP is very different from traditional kundalini practices where willful practice is used to raise your energy. It is unlike kundalini yoga, tantra, chi gong or breathing exercises.

What are the benefits?

What will KAP give you during the session?The benefits of KAP are diverse and different for every individual. How more you surrender, how more you will receive. It will give you what you need time by time.
  • It peels away all the layers of your own mental limitations that are conditioned.
  • Reconnect with your life force energy and gives you more guidance
  • A deeper connection to others (children in particular), nature, and all forms of life
  • It helps you releases long held traumas and emotions without speaking.
  • Restores and vitalizes the physical body and intensifies your spiritual awakening.
  • The energy makes you remember your wholeness – we are one
  • It expend your consciousness
  • It gives you mental clarity, more focus and a beter state of mindfulness

How does a KAP session look like?

This session is different then most other KAP- sessions. In a KAP- Special edition there is more time and space to meet. To receive the energetic transmission through the path of opening/surrender into trust and faith. Which will lead into self-awareness and attunement. Sharing the importance integration and grounding. When we take space to integrate, the transformation can truly begin. The session is held with a small and intimate group.

From that awareness we slowly, softly and with ease go into the density of the feminine energy (lower three chakra’s). Where we tend to hold trauma’s and (negative) beliefs, as well as our creativity, power, authenticity and life force energy. This is a path of surrender and trust, not of the will and therefore different to other self-generating willful practices or kundalini experiences (such as kundalini yoga, tantra etc.). It’s a natural energetic process that can bring you to the deepest layers of your being, the moment you fully trust and yield into the process. As the intelligence is guiding you into the parts of you that have been hidden, suppressed or, into states of deep bliss, remembrance and realizations.

Join a session and have your own unique experience

During the unique session you may have different experiences like physical, emotional, visual, outer body experiences, or states of bliss can arise. A profound rewiring of the brain structure and central nervous system happens with continued exposure. We all know how to work hard and run-in life, but can we also slow down? Allowing yourself to have multiple experiences and surrender into the safety of your own body. Join a session and have your own unique experience.

The Session

During the session you lie down on a yoga mat, while music is played and your eyes are closed. As the facilitator I may touch or press some of the chakra or meridian points on your body. This is what happens from the outside, yet doesn’t fully grasp the deepening experience that happens inside of you. This is a unique experience for each individual.
It’s a natural process that can bring out a lot of changes. To activate the energy and you want the full experience of KAP, you need to take 3 to 5 sessions. After that, the activation of KAP will remain in your body. It will rewiring the brain structure and central nervous system with continued exposure. You will experience a much deeper connection with yourself and the energy within.
We are here to enjoy, give and receive unconditional love. Let’s go back to the essence of life and play with our life force energy.

I am looking forward to having our ‘inner-dance’ together.
Lots of love,
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