A large complex featuring a hammam and an infrared sauna, evening bonfires in the courtyard, three pools (hot, cold, and swimming), and a mesmerizing sunset view from the cliff. There's a café and yoga classes available as well. The entrance fee is 200,000 Rupiahs, with an additional 100,000 Rupiahs for a locker. There's also a unique rule - the use of phones is not allowed; you're requested to leave them at the reception. So, sorry, Instagram.
In addition to the sauna, Istana offers a wide range of procedures, including a sensory deprivation chamber, cryotherapy, hyperbaric chamber, sauna with a sound dome, dry sauna, ice and hot water baths, meditation room, and a restaurant. You can find the prices for these services on their website, where you can also make reservations.
The phone number is: +62 361 769869.
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