Baths and saunas in Bali


Bali dacha

Likely, the oldest bathhouse in Bali has been welcoming guests for nine years already. Over these years, many structures, including steam rooms, have appeared on a fairly large territory. There are three baths: large, medium, and small, secluded, with its own tub and everything necessary for several people. Dacha itself is infused with a Ubud mystical atmosphere and leaves a pleasant impression.
The menu does not include beer and alcohol at all, but for some, this can be a plus. The food is exclusively vegetarian. Also on the premises, there is a home vegetarian cafe, a healthy bar, a natural spa, a river pool, a magical garden with relaxation areas, and beautiful views.
At Dacha, there are club days on Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday. Organizers claim that guests can expect three jungle baths, sauna ceremonies, baths, and a river pool with flower petals, herbal teas, a Chinese tea ceremony, dances, performances, fire shows, live and electronic music, bonfire dances, numerous relaxation zones, home vegetarian and vegan food, and a great atmosphere. The cost on Wednesday and Friday is 400 thousand rupiahs, and on Sunday - 500. The ticket includes three jungle baths, sauna ceremonies, live music and DJ, performances and fire shows, sound healing and bonfire dances, nail standing, baths, and a river pool with flower petals, a Chinese tea ceremony, watermelon plates and herbal teas, scrubs, and aloe vera.
Indeed, sauna rental is available on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday, with prices starting from 2,200,000 for five people. The price includes two hours in the sauna with the option to choose additional hours when booking, access to the natural pool, a tub with flower petals, herbal tea, watermelon plates, scrubs, and aloe vera. Caps and sarongs are also provided. Reservations can be made on the website. The cafe with homemade vegetarian cuisine and hookahs is open at all times.
Bungalow rental is also possible, priced at 1,000,000 rupiahs.

Hot stone

Hot Stone in Ubud offers a sauna experience based on a traditional wood-burning stove, with a plunge pool filled with ice, eucalyptus brooms and fir scents. This will ensure complete relaxation and restoration of health. The cost is Rp 1,300,000 per hour with a minimum rental of two hours.
There is also a spherical sauna with a price starting from 1,500,000 rupiahs, accommodating up to 15 people. The minimum booking time is three hours. Additionally, there is an infinity pool with saltwater and an ice bath, and the price includes a fireplace area, fruits, towels, sarongs, and a sauna cap.
Club days are also available every Thursday and Saturday at a cost of 550,000 rupiahs per person, and when booked in advance, the price is 450,000 rupiahs.
There are also villas for rent on the territory from 855 thousand rupees per day. Reservations are available on the website.

Dragonfly Village

A sauna in Ubud with pleasant views of rice fields, volcanoes, and sunsets. The sauna has gas stoves and is relatively simple. The cost of visiting the sauna is 120,000 rupiahs. No advance booking is required.
On the premises, you can rent a cottage for retreats. An interesting detail: the cottages, according to the owners, are over a hundred years old. They were transported from remote villages in Java. One night in such a bungalow will cost 1,080,000 during the low season and 1,180,000 during the high season.
Also, on the premises, there is a pool and a cafe. The Dragonfly Village hosts events primarily related to yoga and its practices. The schedule can be found here.
Open from 7:00 to 21:00
WhatsApp: +62 859 3388 1999

Tjampuhan Spa

Resort spa-hotel is located in Ubud in a very picturesque location. From its windows, you can enjoy views of the Gunung Lebah temple and the Oos and Tjampuhan rivers. Guests can enjoy two outdoor pools and five restaurants. There is also a dry sauna and a Turkish bath, hot and cold water jacuzzis, and massages with a view of the river. Spa entry is 130k (100k for hotel guests) and includes a towel and a locker key. Massage is paid separately. The pools are adorned with Balinese-style stone sculptures, creating the sensation of being in a cave. If you choose to stay at this hotel, it will cost you 3,000,000 rupiahs for 4 nights.
Phone: 0361975368

Arte and Bamboo Tea Villas

The sauna and bungalows are located in the southern part of Ubud. Don't be afraid to navigate through narrow streets; finding this place for the first time might be a bit challenging. The complex itself is simple but quite solid. As the name suggests, almost everything in it is made of bamboo, creating a pleasant and cozy atmosphere. In addition to this, there is a lot of greenery on the premises, and the sauna area offers a view of the rice fields. The sauna is shared, but individual visits can be arranged. The cost is 100,000 rupiahs per person, and you can rent a birch broom for an additional 50,000. In general, the prices are very reasonable. Bamboo Villas also have a pool included in the price. Among other amenities, they offer yoga classes, an outdoor cinema, and shisha smoking.
Phone: 08873194875


A small, cozy sauna with a wood-burning stove and fragrant oak brooms. There is a pool and a plunge tub, and you can also book a massage or a body scrub with salt and honey for body beauty and skin rejuvenation. Body care services are provided in a comfortable and relaxed atmosphere. In the evening, a bonfire is lit on the premises.
The sauna opens at 17:00. On Mondays, it's Men's Day, Wednesdays are Women's Day, and Thursdays are Family Day. Men's Day is quite eventful, featuring a tea ceremony, a musical jam, and breathing exercises.
You'll have access to a small, comfortable sauna with a wood-burning stove and fragrant oak brooms. They offer a pool and plunge tub, along with the option to book a massage and a scrub with salt and honey for body care and skin rejuvenation in a comfortable and relaxed atmosphere.
Reviews about the sauna are positive, but opinions about the massage are not always consistent. The cost of entry is 300,000 rupiahs.
For more detailed information, you can check the highlights on Instagram.
WhatsApp: 081935282306

Sauna Bali ex HOTHAUS

The sauna operates on the premises of Parq Ubud and boasts a corresponding style and design. Among the hot offerings are two Finnish saunas (for 20 and 10 people), a hammam (for 15 people), and aromatherapy.
There is a pool and a relaxation room. This is the largest sauna complex in Bali. The saunas are open every day, and the cost of admission from 8 am to 5 pm is 150,000 rupiahs, while from 5 pm to 10 pm it is 200,000 rupiahs. Purchasing a subscription comes with good discounts; for example, a month would cost 1,100,000 rupiahs. There is a 50% discount for the first visit. Periodically, the sauna hosts quite interesting events. For instance, recently there was a full moon ceremony with musician City Naturelaze. In addition to mystical live music, the show included impressive elements such as body activation, internal dance, shamanic singing, healing songs, all accompanied by an atmospheric sound.
WhatsApp: 0877-1682-3255


Yogika Cahaya Melasti

The sauna in Amed offers a unique feature – a window in the wall with a view of the fields and Mount Agung. This allows not only to enjoy a good steam but also to appreciate the beautiful scenery, as Mount Agung has a stunning allure. Additionally, there is a yoga center, pull-up bar, billiards, and a swimming pool. Towels, caps, shower, and pool access are included. The kitchen menu offers various dishes, including croutons, cottage cheese, cottage cheese pancakes, borscht, and pancakes. The cost of a bungalow per day is 300,000 rupiahs. If you really fall in love with Amed and decide to stay for a month, the bungalow will cost you six million. Single entry to the sauna is from 500,000 rupiahs for groups of up to five people. For a larger number of people, an additional charge of 100,000 rupiahs per person is applied. There is also a communal sauna on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Saturdays from 18:00 to 20:00, costing only 100,000 rupiahs per person.
WhatsApp: 081935955067



The large green area of the complex on the cliff in Uluwatu provides an excellent view of the sunset. Inside, there is a sauna that can accommodate up to 40 people and an ice plunge pool. The space is designed in a modern style. Themed parties are often held on the premises. On Thursdays, the sauna is exclusively open for women. The entrance fee is 250 rubles and includes dinner and tea; an additional fee of 50,000 is required for towels. "Clouds" also offer rental for events, such as birthdays.
WhatsApp: 088999777722


A large complex with a hammam and an infrared sauna, evening bonfires in the courtyard, three pools (hot, cold, and swimming), a mesmerizing view of the sunset from the cliff. There is a cafe and yoga classes. The entrance fee is 200,000 rupiahs, with an additional 100,000 fee for a locker. There's a unique rule – the use of phones is not allowed; they request you to leave it at the reception. So, sorry, no Instagram.
In addition to the sauna, Istana offers a variety of procedures, including a deprivation chamber, cryotherapy, hyperbaric chamber, sauna with a sound dome, dry sauna, ice and hot water baths, a meditation room, and a restaurant. Prices for these services can be found on the website, where you can also make reservations.
Phone: +62 361 769869

Health Club Uluwatu

WA: +62 812-8868-7575
Health Club Uluwatu is located in the heart of Habitat Village. Here, you can experience Japanese hot and cold pools to help you relax and enjoy a sauna surrounded by tropical gardens.
If you're into fitness, you'll love the special place known as Ninja Warrior, featuring a closed climbing wall. Yoga and martial arts classes are also available.
The club has a cozy café offering a diverse selection of protein smoothies, fresh juices, salads, and snacks.
Additionally, Health Club Uluwatu provides half-day programs for children, ensuring you can fully enjoy your leisure time. Your kids will be in a safe and comfortable environment, with plenty of engaging and developmental activities.
Cost of admission:
- IDR 150K for a single visit
- IDR 900K for a weekly pass
- IDR 2000K for a monthly pass
*Admission includes sauna, hot and cold pools, climbing wall, and workout area.
Massage prices:
- IDR 80K for a 30-minute massage
- IDR 150K for a 60-minute massage
- IDR 220K for a 90-minute massage

Canggu and Seminyak


A large spa center in Canggu offers a variety of services, including hair, facial, and body care, manicures, waxing, and, of course, a sauna. By the way, they request reservations in advance, preferably 24 hours prior.
Additionally, there is a restaurant with prices up to 100,000 rupiahs per dish. For example, Nasi Goreng will cost you 75,000. The sauna visit is priced at 300,000, but memberships are available, which can reduce the cost of visits.
WhatsApp: 08113999806

Elegantz spa Bali

A spa salon exclusively designed for men, located in Kerobokan in a historic classic Balinese house. The following services are offered: a spacious Greek-style sauna for 30 people, a plunge pool accommodating 15 people, relaxation and meditation rooms, an open terrace, a cafe with alcoholic beverages, snacks, and food, as well as a gym. The spa provides a wide selection of various massages, scrubs, and even a royal VIP ritual at the royal price of 1,500,000 rupiahs, lasting three hours. Open daily from 4 to 10, the entrance fee is only 70,000 rupiahs. The price includes locker usage, a towel, and all the necessary shower amenities.
Phone: +62 852 39122444

Soham Wellness Center

A large spa center with rejuvenating skin and body treatments, a gym, sauna, pool, and a cafe.
Review from one of the clients:
"Good pool and a decently equipped gym. The machines are not the best, but you have everything you need for a proper workout. There's a zone where you can work with a computer, and also a few tables at the poolside bar where you can enjoy food or drinks and admire the beautiful sunset sky. Clean changing rooms with lockers and showers (shampoo, conditioner, and shower gel provided, hairdryer available). Hot and cold indoor pools, sauna, yoga room, relaxation room, and possibly much more that I haven't seen. There are also water fountains in the gym. Upon visiting, you'll be given two towels, one small and one large. Highly recommend!"
When ordering procedures totaling over 500,000 rupiahs or purchasing any of the subscriptions below, you gain access to the gym, sauna, hot and cold pools, steam room, complimentary water, and a 10% discount on procedures.
Click on the link for a detailed description of the events above.
Open daily from 6:00 to 22:00
Phone: 03614741616
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