Good massage in Bali. Review of the best spa salons

Massage has always been an excellent way to restore depleted energy, regain vitality, and uplift one's mood. Additionally, it is one of the best means of preventing various ailments. But how to choose the most worthy massage salon from a large number of options? We offer you a list of the most high-quality massage salons in Bali. Dedicate an hour or two in one of them to feel more calm, relaxed, and rejuvenated.
If you're planning to vacation in Bali, be sure to make time and visit a salon for a massage. It will fill you with vitality, energy, rejuvenate, and promote your well-being. And if you live on this paradise island and know where the best massage in the world is done, share your opinion in the comments.


EL Bali Wellness Spa and Salon

Opening hours: daily from 10:00 AM to 10:00 PM
EL Bali Wellness Spa & Salon offers exquisite massage that will undoubtedly relieve your fatigue. Before the session begins, your feet will be washed, and at the end, you will be offered a delicious ginger tea. The salon has 8 highly professional therapists with extensive experience. Five beds are separated by curtains. In addition to massage, they also offer various spa procedures, and there is also a manicure room. The space is small, but very clean and pleasant. It's better to make an appointment here in advance. There is bike parking near the entrance.
Prices. Here, reasonable prices are offered for all services. There are two promo packages to choose from, each lasting 1.5 hours - 185k. The first includes a traditional massage + body scrub, and the second includes a traditional massage + facial massage with mask application. The cost of a one-hour Balinese massage is 90k. Foot massage is done in special chairs here. 30 minutes - 50k, 1 hour - 100k. The facial massage looks unique. With Facial Massage, they not only cleanse and massage your face and apply a mask, but also work on other parts of the body. The price for "all-inclusive" is quite reasonable - 80k per hour. There is also a head massage - 30 minutes for 40k, hot stone massage - starting from 140k depending on your chosen time. Classic manicure - 90k, pedicure - 100k.
Salon Reviews
Kira: 'Everything is new and clean, the masseuse works on all muscle groups wonderfully. Prices are friendly. I will come back.'
Veronika : 'I adore this place! Affordable and quality treatment, no shortcuts. Herbal eye bags at the end of the massage are a separate delight.”

Zahra Spa (Nusa Dua)

Opening hours: daily from 09:00 AM to 10:00 PM.
Zahra Spa center is located in Nusa Dua. You can confidently spend an entire day here. For those who prefer an exotic atmosphere and unique massage techniques, the salon offers a plethora of amazing services that will satisfy even the most discerning clients. Certified therapists with extensive experience work here, helping you regain strength and vitality.
Prices. The center offers a vast array of relaxing and cosmetic spa treatments. The menu includes various types of massages: Balinese (1 hour 300k), hot stone massage (1.5 hours 475k), shiatsu massage (1 hour 325k). There's also aromatherapeutic reflexology with hot stones (1 hour 325k), a four-hand massage session (1 hour 575k), body mask-scrub (1 hour 275k), manicure and pedicure (200k), hair braiding (400k).
In addition, the center offers 6 types of spa packages: for a single person (starting from 550k for 2 hours), 4 packages for couples (starting from 1.6 million), and a children's package (600k). The visit cost includes free round-trip transfer (must be booked in advance), ginger tea, and cookies after the session. The massage salon has numerous positive reviews on Google Maps. It's worth noting that another salon of this chain is located in Uluwatu. Prices here are significantly lower (1 hour of traditional massage - 150k), but the interior is simpler, and massage cabins are separated by curtains. There is no shower. The salon is right by the road, so it can be noisy during the session.
Reviews about the salon in Nusa Dua
Valeria: 'A magnificent salon! The atmosphere is simply enchanting. I had a massage therapist named Tunas - it was an amazing massage. Comfortable massage huts. We come here every trip, and each time the salon gets better and better. Thank you.'
Shyamini N: 'We came to Nusa Dua for our honeymoon and stumbled upon Zahra. An amazing experience with excellent staff. The SPA is beautiful. The free hotel transfer is also a huge bonus. Highly recommend!'"

La Vie Spa Jimbaran

Opening hours: daily from 12:00 PM to 9:00 PM.
The massage here is a bit different from what is done in other salons, as it combines elements of Thai, Balinese, and Shiatsu techniques. The massage is performed through special clothing (provided right at the salon). Before the session, you are given a sheet where you indicate which part of your body you would like to have worked on the most. The establishment's hallmark is the complete absence of oil. Therapists employ a unique method that relieves fatigue and tension. If you view massage not only as a relaxing procedure but also as an opportunity to restore health, then this is definitely the place for you.
Prices. The only drawback of this salon is that there are different prices for tourists and locals. If you are a foreigner, you will pay twice as much. If you have a KITAS, you will also receive a significant discount. 
The salon also offers three types of SPA programs. For instance, a two-hour session including an original massage + foot reflexology will cost you 600k. More detailed prices can be found on the salon's website. You can also book a transfer here - 150k per guest, and if there are two or more people, you'll be picked up and dropped off for free.
Salon Reviews
Michella : 'One of the best massages. We got a 2-hour Thai massage. Everything is clean and cozy. They provided clean pajamas. My friend and I went together, we were accommodated in the same room, separated by curtains. The massage was done very professionally, and most importantly, without oil. After the massage, they served delicious ginger tea. Highly recommend visiting.'
Marwan: 'A very pleasant place! Clean. They do massage here without oil, which I was very happy about. There's a massage for couples as well. We came without an appointment and they immediately found therapists for us. They gave us water, chilled towels to wipe our hands, clean clothing for the massage. And afterwards, they treated us to tea. The service is top-notch. The massage is also very good, they worked on all the pressure points and discovered new ones.'

Sean Spa Bali

Sean Spa Bali offers procedures that not only restore beauty but also provide healing benefits. The center features a space with a classic interior design adorned in light shades. There are no separate massage rooms; the beds are divided by curtains, so everything outside is audible. In addition to traditional massages, spa treatments, and scrubs, you can also avail yourself of the manicure salon services here. The staff are highly qualified professionals who know their craft. Visitors note the cozy atmosphere, salon cleanliness, and friendliness of the staff.
Prices. Every month, the salon offers promotions, which you can learn about on the website or by phone. A one-hour massage session costs 90k. A 2-hour massage for pregnant women is priced at 180k. A 2-hour hot stone massage is priced at 240k. The salon also offers several spa packages starting from 310k for 2.5 hours. For couples, there are romantic spa programs starting from 640k for 3 hours. In addition to pedicures and manicures (starting from 80k), there are services for lash removal, correction, and extensions, with prices starting from 30k.
Salon Reviews
Alex: 'The most pleasant ambiance in the area! Beautiful and spacious interiors. Discounts are available. The price ends up being lower than in any other salon. But you need to book in advance.'
Nina: 'Visited this place for a prenatal massage, really liked the delicacy and professionalism of the masseuse Surya. The atmosphere is cozy and peaceful. Highly recommend!'

The Calma Spa Bali - Jimbaran Beach

Opening hours: daily from 11:00 AM to 7:00 PM.
The Calma Spa Bali is located in the heart of Jimbaran. The salon offers clients a variety of massage services performed by professionals in this field. The interior is beautiful, the massage rooms are clean, the staff is polite, and the therapists wear the salon's uniform. There's a storage box for belongings, phones, and money. The atmosphere is conducive to relaxation - soft lighting, relaxing music, and a plate of flowers beneath the massage table. The massage begins with foot washing and massaging with salt. At the end of the procedures, all guests are offered a shower and a choice of water or honey tea.
Prices. Calma Spa Jimbaran offers a variety of services. The most popular procedure is the traditional Balinese massage combined with sea salt and oils, followed by a scrub to cleanse the skin, remove dead cells, and impurities. After the scrub, there's a relaxing bath with essential oils. During the session, a cup of a beneficial drink is served during a warm flower bath. The cost for a 2-hour session is 700k.
Additionally, the salon offers several types of special packages, with a fixed cost of 750k for 2 hours. However, for those who enjoy extended indulgence, there is a customized package available for up to 6 hours - the cost is discussed on-site and depends on the selected procedures. More detailed pricing can be found on the salon's website. Promotions for various procedures can be found on the center's Facebook and Instagram. Free transfer within Jimbaran is available.
Salon Reviews:
Lily: 'Visited this salon on my birthday, got the 2-hour program. The package included a foot bath, oil massage, scrub, flower bath, and herbal tea. I was very satisfied.'
Kaylee Kat: 'The massage here is unparalleled. Fantastic service, therapists with strong and flexible hands. There's a real difference in skill compared to other massage salons in the area. I got a Balinese massage, and it was excellent.'

Karma Spa - Karma Kandara

Opening hours: daily from 08:00 AM to 10:00 PM.
Karma Spa is one of the most beautiful spa salons in Bukit. It is located within the Karma Kandara resort complex, situated on the Ungasan hill. Guests here are provided with all the amenities for a comfortable stay - villas with private pools, an exclusive beach club, and a fitness center. The spa center itself is housed in small wooden bungalows, offering an incredible view of the Indian Ocean. Your massage will be performed in complete silence with the sound of waves.
One of the highlights of the salon is an outdoor area with an infrared detox sauna and a pool with Himalayan crystal salt. The salon is staffed with true professionals. If you decide to book a session in the evening, it's better to do so in advance.
Prices. The salon is designed for an affluent clientele. For instance, a 1-hour relaxing massage will cost 1,150,000 IDR, a 1.5-hour massage with ginger is 1,350,000 IDR, and a 1-hour coffee scrub is 750,000 IDR.
In addition to scrubs and traditional massage types, they offer wraps and beauty treatments for the face. Service packages include access to the daytime beach bar at the foot of the cliff, which is an excellent way to conclude your day after a massage.
A standout feature of the salon is the "Health Days" packages, which include spa treatments, an infrared detox sauna, yoga/fitness sessions, and a healthful 3-course lunch. Prices start from 3 million IDR per person or 5.5 million IDR for two. Prices are listed before a 10% service charge and an 11% government tax (plus 21% to the bill). For more detailed pricing and services, you can visit the website. After the rejuvenating session, all guests are treated to Balinese sweets, fruits, and ginger tea.
Salon Reviews:
Anastasia: 'In addition to the beautiful location, relaxing music, breathtaking view, and the sound of waves, I would like to specially mention my therapist Budiyadi. A great professional who knows exactly what your body needs right now.'
jramm1996: 'The view from Karma Spa is simply breathtaking! We experienced paradise pleasure. The staff was pleasant and attentive, offering us complimentary tea and refreshing drinks. We had a wonderful time and will definitely come again.'"

Nusa Bali Spa

Opening hours: daily from 10:00 AM to 10:00 PM.
Nusa Bali Spa offers its services in a clean and stylish environment for over 20 years, known for its top-notch service. Only natural cosmetics, prepared by the owners themselves, are used for each procedure. The establishment's main feature is its unique atmosphere and pleasant musical accompaniment, allowing you to immerse yourself in the world of Eastern motifs and enjoy high-quality and effective massage. Each separate room has a shower and bathtub. The courteous staff will help you choose procedures, explain the specifics, and differences of various massage techniques.
Prices. They offer various types of massage here: from classic to aromatherapy with oils, as well as the best body and facial SPA procedures. Warm volcanic stone massage from Mount Agung's depths is highly popular among clients. According to the center's specialists, this massage helps to more effectively relax the body and mind, rid the body of toxins, and relieve thoughts and pain. A 1.5-hour massage costs 529k. There is also a wide selection of different packages with SPA services. Prices start from 732k for two hours of pleasure for one person. There are packages for couples - starting from 1,800k for 2.5 hours. Prices are listed excluding 20% tax and service charge. You can find more detailed information about the prices of services on the website. After the rejuvenating procedures, you will be offered tea and cookies. Free transfer is provided.
Salon Reviews:
Francesca: "It My husband and I were in this wonderful place. We were pleased with the variety of oils and a wide range of services. We had a full body Balinese massage and scrub. After the procedure, it felt like the pain and tension in my back were lifted as if by magic, and the smoothness and fragrance of the body lasted for quite a while. After the SPA, they offered a very delicious relaxing herbal tea with cookies."
Almin : "We were very satisfied with our visit to this SPA! High-quality massage at a very pleasant price. Very clean, the staff is very polite and accommodating. They picked us up from the hotel and dropped us back."

The Grey Spa Bali

Opening hours: daily from 10:00 AM to 9:00 PM
The Grey Spa Bali is a small network of salons located on the Bukit Peninsula. One is situated in Uluwatu, and the other in Ungasan. People come here to relieve stress, improve their well-being, overcome blues, and take a break from daily problems. Thanks to professional massage therapists, every client can experience a fresh start. Relaxing music plays in the salon, and each separate room has a shower. Customers highlight good service, cleanliness, and high-quality treatment. You can also purchase delicious coffee and desserts here.
Prices. The list of services isn't extensive, mainly consisting of various types of massages for health and relaxation. A quality Balinese full-body massage lasting 1 hour costs 200k, a 2-hour massage is 350k. The four-hand massage is particularly popular at the salon, costing 360k for 1 hour. Surfers frequent this salon as well, where they can have their tired muscles loosened and restored. There are even special packages for them (starting from 200k). After a session, visitors are offered complimentary tea or water.
Reviews about the salon:
Nico: "It's pure delight! The best massage of my life! The master named Madé is a true professional! And thanks to those who opened this wonderful place. Cozy, clean, and the entire staff is super friendly."
Dodo Polo: "Visited this place a month ago. Got the Surfer's massage for 90 minutes. Now, I can confidently say that it was the best back massage during my time in Bali."

OurSpa Uluwatu

Opening hours: daily from 09:00 to 21:00
"A place created to recharge with energy and spirit." This is the slogan of the SPA salon. Everywhere you look, there's a pure white tropical atmosphere, with glamorous lounge areas along the walls. But the real magic happens behind the scenes.
In addition to massages and SPA programs, the salon offers procedures in the field of cosmetology, nail services, and hair treatments. Specialists constantly keep up with the latest beauty trends, so they can pleasantly surprise even the most demanding clients. The center has its own restaurant and boutique. The level of service here is very high, even discerning and demanding clients acknowledge that. There are no critical shortcomings, but there are complaints about the incompetence of some therapists and the high cost of couples' SPA programs.
Prices. The salon is considered a premium beauty boutique with personalized service. For example, 1 hour of Balinese massage will cost 185k. The anti-cellulite massage is particularly popular among women, helping to reduce and eliminate unwanted deposits on the body (30 minutes - 225k). For optimal relaxation, we recommend trying the head and foot massage - 1 hour will cost 175k.
There are several types of SPA programs. Prices start from 395k for 1 hour.
In the salon, you can receive professional facial care procedures from an Indonesian doctor-cosmetologist with international qualifications and certification. Prices start from 695k.
They also offer a variety of manicure services. A wide range of color coatings is available, which is sure to please the ladies. Prices start from 145k. Hair treatment procedures are also provided here, starting from 395k. Service charge and city tax are already included in the price. You can find more detailed information about the prices of services on the salon's website.
Reviews about the salon:
Kell: "The best massage! I've been twice for a 30-minute shoulder and back massage. Excellent attentive service as soon as you walk in the door. Refreshing face mask and fresh water upon arrival. Delicious chocolates and hot tea after the procedure."
Paula: "Excellent Spa! I got a gel manicure, and I'm very satisfied with the result. Momo was very nice and did an amazing job."


Koa Boutique Spa

Opening hours: every day 9:00 AM - 9:00 PM
At Koa Spa, they offer Balinese, Indian, and therapeutic massages. The price for a 60-minute session is 180,000 rupiahs, and for a 30-minute session, it's 110,000 rupiahs.
The massage therapists at this spa also offer chakra balance - a massage for balancing physical and auric therapy, shiatsu - a relaxing massage using pressure on specific points, twisting, and stretching, and Swedish - a deep Swedish massage for musculoskeletal treatment and muscle tension relief. The prices for these massages are 220,000 rupiahs for 60 minutes and 300,000 rupiahs for 90 minutes.
The spa salon offers deluxe massages to its visitors. This category includes massages with stones and herbal compresses. A 90-minute session costs 300,000 rupiahs.
After the massage or separately, they offer body scrubs or masks with coconut milk for exfoliation and skin rejuvenation. This addition costs 140,000 rupiahs for 30 minutes.
A facial massage with natural ingredients, containing active plant and essential oils for skin rejuvenation and radiance, costs 230,000 rupiahs for 60 minutes.
A rejuvenating facial procedure, performed under LED light therapy for 90 minutes, is priced at 340,000 rupiahs.
In this salon, you can get manicures and pedicures, as well as scrubs for hands and nails. Specialists also provide services for children. Koa Spa offers several advantageous body care packages. For 450,000 rupiahs (2 hours 30 minutes), you can enjoy a Balinese massage, a choice of mask or scrub, and facial care. Adding manicure and pedicure to this package will cost 830,000 rupiahs (4 hours).
The spa salon doesn't have a website, so remote appointments can be made by WhatsApp at +62 8510343385 or via email at At the entrance of Koa, there's a stylish store with Balinese-style clothing and products, so you can also indulge in shopping during your visit.
Jennifer C., Local Expert:
"Relaxing massage. Clean and modern facilities with air conditioning. Friendly staff. Affordable prices. You choose the oil you want before the massage. The massage was so relaxing that I almost fell asleep. The shower is not in the room, so you need to walk through the corridor outside the room."
Samantha Garrit:
"Spent a wonderful day here with my husband. I had a 2.5-hour spa package that included a massage, body scrub, and facial treatment. It was amazing! I've never felt so relaxed. The staff was lovely and made us feel like a million dollars. With affordable prices, this place offers the style and luxury of a high-class spa!"

Chantara Wellness and Spa

Opening hours: every day from 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM
Chantara Wellness & Spa is a stylish spa center with vibrant design. Inside, there are four spacious treatment rooms, a salon for hands and feet, a retail boutique, and a cozy lounge area with tea. Visitors are treated to signature aromatic ginger tea brewed with tropical lemongrass.
Signature deep tissue massage - 60 minutes 285,000 rupiahs / 90 minutes 350,000 rupiahs; traditional Eastern massage - 60 minutes 285,000 rupiahs / 90 minutes 350,000 rupiahs; hot stone massage - 75 minutes 325,000 rupiahs; stress-relief back massage - 30 minutes / 165,000 rupiahs - 60 minutes / 325,000 rupiahs.
The spa salon's service menu includes various scrubs, peels, wraps, body and facial masks. Citrus mint, tropical flowers, clay, ginger, cocoa, coffee - all of these are used for your choice of facial care procedures. Body scrubs are made from palm sugar and coconut, while oils from mango, cocoa with jasmine scent are used. Prices range from 325,000 rupiahs for 60-70 minutes to 750,000 rupiahs for 90 minutes.
You can also get separate massages for the hands and feet. For instance, a relaxing foot bath and massage for 45 minutes costs 195,000 rupiahs.
The salon offers procedures for body improvement. In the 120-minute package for 675,000 rupiahs, there's a spa for the feet, dry brushing with juniper body scrub, toning body wrap, and deep tissue massage. The Chantara Body Shape package helps enhance metabolism and blood circulation, flush out excess fluid and toxins, and tone body tissues. Dry brushing, followed by an invigorating full-body scrub with juniper and cypress salt, exfoliates and energizes the skin. The slimming marine wrap, enriched with potent green coffee extract and pure essential oils, aids in detoxification, improves and strengthens skin texture, and smoothens areas prone to cellulite. The Body Shape procedure includes lymphatic massage with deep pressure to invigorate and energize the body.
Julia E., Local Expert:
"Excellent massage, we went there twice during our stay in Sanur, Bali! Truly luxurious and professional - a great spa experience."
Jin Kim, Local Expert:
"The session consists of a welcome drink, foot bath (salt scrub), massage, and a closing drink. I had two sessions here, and both times the massage therapist's skills were good."

Leha Leha Spa

Opening hours: every day from 9:00 AM to 10:00 PM
Upon arrival at Leha Leha Spa, guests are welcomed with a lemongrass-infused drink. The cozy interiors and beautiful design from the first moments create an atmosphere of relaxation and meditation.
Balinese full-body massage:
60 minutes - 190,000 rupiahs
90 minutes - 250,000 rupiahs
120 minutes - 325,000 rupiahs.
The traditional Balinese full-body massage is a deep tissue holistic procedure. 
The traditional Balinese full-body massage has evolved over centuries with medical influences from China, India, and Southeast Asia. Balinese techniques incorporate gentle stretches, reflexology elements, long strokes, and acupressure to stimulate and knead muscles, relieving tension and improving circulation.
Neck and back massage:
30 minutes - 90,000 rupiahs
45 minutes - 120,000 rupiahs
60 minutes - 190,000 rupiahs
At Leha Leha Spa, they offer a children's massage for 60 minutes at 130,000 rupiahs.
They also provide massages with deep relaxation: 60 minutes - 300,000 rupiahs / 90 minutes - 400,000 rupiahs; anti-stress massage: 90 minutes - 350,000 rupiahs / 120 minutes - 400,000 rupiahs; hot stone massage: 90 minutes - 350,000 rupiahs / 120 minutes - 400,000 rupiahs; yoga massage: 90 minutes - 450,000 rupiahs; pregnancy massage: 60 minutes - 300,000 rupiahs / 90 minutes - 400,000 rupiahs.
Leha Leha offers manicures and pedicures, as well as hand and foot massages. For instance, a package including a foot massage, manicure, and pedicure is priced at 400,000 rupiahs for 2 hours 30 minutes.
The spa salon offers guests facial treatments. The facial massage uses special Tamanu oil, obtained from the Tamanu or Nyamplung nut tree. This oil is used as traditional medicine in Asia and many Pacific Islands. It is believed to contain substances with anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties that can address various skin issues on the face and body, from scar healing and acne-prone skin treatment to soothing sun-kissed skin and smoothing wrinkles.
After the massage, you can opt for a 45-minute natural ingredient scrub or a 30-minute body oil application. The price is 350,000 rupiahs. Coconut scrub, green tea scrub - 45 minutes each, priced at 200,000 rupiahs.
For those with long-term visas (Kitas or Kitap), there's an opportunity to receive discounts for a small annual fee of 200,000 rupiahs:
30% discount on the therapeutic menu (excluding packages).
20% discount on fixed and family packages.
10% discount on spa products, excluding gifts and jewelry.
These discounts also apply to annual promotions.
Another pleasant bonus from the salon is that Leha Leha Spa provides transfers from anywhere in Sanur to the spa center. Reservations can be made on the booking section of their website.
The spa salon offers the option to purchase gift vouchers. You can acquire them by contacting the administrator on WhatsApp messenger for further details.
"A very high-quality salon. From the welcome to the conclusion. I received a traditional Balinese massage, which I had never tried before. The massage therapist kneaded in a way that made me feel very relaxed and calm. There's a special technique that's hard to put into words."
Elena, Local Expert:
"I definitely recommend the Back, Neck, and Shoulders massage. My husband got a massage from a male therapist, and he did it with skill, not just a simple 'rubbing'. The price is very reasonable. Our whole family goes there, and there's a special procedure for kids as well. Our child was also pleased."

Sanctuary Bali Spa

Operating hours: every day from 9:30 AM to 10:00 PM
Sanctuary Bali Spa features not only a spa salon but also a cosmetics store and a hair salon. Guests are welcomed with a complimentary drink. Perhaps here you'll find the lowest prices for massages in Sanur.
Balinese massage for 60 minutes 100,000 rupiahs, Swedish massage 60 minutes 110,000 rupiahs, aromatic massage 60 minutes 140,000 rupiahs, shiatsu massage 60 minutes 130,000 rupiahs.
Foot massage 30 minutes 70,000 rupiahs, Indian head massage 30 minutes 70,000 rupiahs, abdominal massage 30 minutes 70,000 rupiahs, hand massage 30 minutes 70,000 rupiahs, stress-relief back massage 30 minutes 70,000 rupiahs.
Deep tissue massage 90 minutes 170,000 rupiahs, hot stone massage 90 minutes 170,000 rupiahs, prenatal massage 60 minutes 120,000 rupiahs, hot herbal massage 90 minutes 250,000 rupiahs, Ayurvedic massage 60 minutes 170,000 rupiahs.
Body scrub 45 minutes 100,000 rupiahs. At Sanctuary Bali Spa, there are 20 different natural scrubs to choose from: coconut, green tea, coffee, strawberry milk, aloe vera, cucumber, chocolate, cinnamon, carrot, jasmine, sea salt, avocado, lemongrass.
The spa offers a wide range of facial treatments. Face massage 15 minutes 40,000 rupiahs, facial mask 15 minutes 40,000 rupiahs, facial scrub 10 minutes 40,000 rupiahs, coconut oil face massage 15 minutes 45,000 rupiahs, collagen for face 90 minutes 150,000 rupiahs, collagen mask with white honey 90 minutes 160,000 rupiahs, aroma facial care 60 minutes 120,000 rupiahs, special treatment for breakouts 60 minutes 150,000 rupiahs.
G K, local expert:
"Amazing massage, great price, and friendly staff for a family massage."
Raza Sekha:
"Very good massage at reasonable prices! Highly recommended!"

The Nest Beachside Spa

Operating hours: every day from 9:00 AM to 8:00 PM
Nest Beachside Spa Center is located right on the coast. The spa center offers a direct view of the ocean, Nusa Lembongan Island, and one of the most famous surfing spots in Bali - Hyatt Reef. Guests are served sorbet with a glass of water.
Balinese massage with sand compress for 60 or 90 minutes - 205,000 or 280,000 rupiahs. This procedure includes a massage with an oil blend and a compress made of heated sand.
Deep tissue massage (60 or 90 minutes) - 240,000 or 335,000 rupiahs. This therapeutic massage involves techniques of targeted pressure, kneading, and friction.
Signature massage 90 minutes 350,000 rupiahs. This massage is performed using a combination of Balinese and Thai massage techniques.
Tranquil candlelit massage (90 minutes) - 330,000 rupiahs. A full-body massage with medium pressure designed to nourish and moisturize the skin. When the special candle burns, shea butter and almond oil are released and delicately poured and massaged onto the body. It's great for reducing stretch marks, especially post-pregnancy, enhancing skin elasticity, and rejuvenating sun-damaged skin through skin cell regeneration.
Hot stone massage (90 minutes) - 320,000 rupiahs. Relieves tension, alleviates muscle stiffness, improves circulation, and metabolism. This procedure promotes deeper muscle relaxation by placing warm stones on the body.
Healing massage (75 or 105 minutes) - 310,000 or 415,000 rupiahs. This massage is designed to focus on a specific problem area that is causing discomfort.
Lymphatic drainage massage (60 minutes) - 215,000 rupiahs. A gentle massage aimed at stimulating the natural lymph flow, carrying waste products from tissues back to the heart.
Foot reflexology (30 minutes) - 95,000 rupiahs. This therapy targets the feet, and stimulating these points can improve overall circulation and restore your body's natural healthy balance.
Foot reflexology with mint foot mask (60 minutes) - 170,000 rupiahs, back therapy (30 minutes) - 105,000 rupiahs, coconut body scrub (30 minutes) - 165,000 rupiahs, radiant body cream with sea salt (30 minutes) - 165,000 rupiahs.
The spa salon offers several types of packages:
- Balinese body wrap (90 minutes) - 380,000 rupiahs.
Traditional warm spice scrub and wrap help relieve tension, pain, and improve circulation. Afterward, a head and full body massage will be performed.
- Seaweed body wrap (120 minutes) - 460,000 rupiahs.
A sea salt body scrub enhances the absorption of minerals from seaweed, followed by a seaweed body mask that aids in detoxification, remineralization, and water retention reduction. After the seaweed mask, the body is wrapped in a thermal blanket and the procedure is concluded with dry body brushing and lymphatic drainage massage.
- Pre-sun body scrub and moisturizing cream (90 minutes) - 385,000 rupiahs.
- Cooling after-sun wrap (60 minutes) - 315,000 rupiahs.
- Island Retreat (2 hours 30 minutes) - 550,000 rupiahs.
The package consists of three procedures: invigorating body scrub with a coconut body scrub, followed by a 60-minute Balinese massage, and concluding with a 60-minute refreshing facial treatment.
- Express Beauty (2 hours) - 570,000 rupiahs.
A 60-minute facial treatment, along with an express manicure and pedicure.
At The Nest Beachside Spa, you can also get manicures and pedicures, hand and foot care sessions, including treatments for children. Additionally, waxing, eyelash extensions, eyebrow tinting, and various hair procedures are available.
You can book spa services by calling +62 8361 938 1523 or emailing, as well as through the spa's website in the pre-booking section.
"Very professional salon, pleasant atmosphere, and everything is well organized."
Simon N:
"Super place: starting from the procedures, details like the hot pillow on the stomach, and ending with lemon sorbet."


Bali Fit spa

Phone: 081529434901
Operating hours: 9:30 AM - 9:00 PM
An affordable, yet very good salon. They perform massages that are perfect both in strength and relaxation effect. The most popular procedure is the Balinese massage with muscle work. During the process, they will make sure to check if you're comfortable and if any adjustments are needed. After the massage, they offer ginger tea and water. The space is small but cozy.
You can almost always schedule an appointment on the same day, and there are even available slots in the evening. They also offer the option to have a massage therapist come to your home. I recommend it, one of the best salons.
The prices are quite reasonable: an hour of massage ranges from 90,000 to 125,000 rupiahs, 30 minutes - 60,000 to 70,000 rupiahs. Shiatsu - 120,000 rupiahs, relaxation - 90,000 rupiahs.
Viki: "Genuinely a deep tissue massage. I've been to many salons on the island, but only here was I massaged so thoroughly yesterday that my back is sore in the targeted area this morning (but I asked for super strong). In general, it's super, I recommend it. Affordable, heartfelt (you know when a masseuse goes through the motions, but not here, they really put effort into it), as strong as you ask for, and there's always availability, even in the evening."

J-Jireh Spa and Salon

Phone: 087860826748
Operating hours: 10:00 AM - 9:00 PM
It's very cozy, beautiful, and comfortable here. Polite staff. After the session, they offer delicious ginger tea. You can reserve online and check for available times. Polite and professional masseuses.
The Balinese massage is moderately strong with deep muscle work (many salons often provide too light massages). They also recommend hot stone massage.
There's a hair spa (with a stylist from Hong Kong, many good reviews about cuts and hair treatments), manicure, pedicure, waxing, and eyelash extensions. You can choose service packages (for example, massage + wrap + scrub or massage + scrub + manicure + pedicure).
Balinese massage - 220,000 rupiahs/hour plus 15% tax.
Balinese massage 90 minutes - 270,000 rupiahs plus 15% tax.
Reflexology - 200,000 rupiahs/hour. 45-minute foot or head and shoulder massage - 180,000 rupiahs.
Dmitry: "Good massage, cozy place, polite staff, tasty ginger tea."
"Exquisite massage. They work really professionally, not just hands gliding over the back. My husband and I went together, we both enjoyed it a lot. I had the hot stone massage, and he had the regular 90-minute. Wonderful!"

SAMADI Wellness and Yoga Retreat Community Canggu Bali Samadi Bali

Phone: 081238312505
Operating hours: 10:00 AM - 8:00 PM
Samadi is located in the heart of Changgu, close to the famous Bali Echo Beach. It's a whole community specializing in yoga, retreats, and a healthy lifestyle. Daily seminars, yoga classes, breathing exercises, dances, and much more take place here. The premises include its own cafes, a shop with organic, eco-friendly products. Saturday and Sunday markets are held every week. There's also a spa salon and rooms where you can stay for a retreat or just for the weekend.
Samadi Bali attracts top national and international teachers, therapists, chefs, artists, and experts who have undergone extensive training in various programs, practices, and skills. They offer one-day retreat programs ("Day for You") with Ayurvedic food, meditation, yoga, and reflexology. In addition to traditional massage techniques, there's also Ayurvedic Shirodhara oil massage.
They offer several types of massages:
Zen massage - 120,000-240,000.
Yoga massage - 150,000-275,000 rupiahs.
Chakra massage (hot stone massage) - 200,000-500,000 rupiahs.
Ayurvedic massage - 300,000-600,000 rupiahs.
Plus 15% tax on all procedures.
"Samadi is more than just a yoga center. With events like the Sunday market, movie nights, and establishments like the spa, cafe, and shop, Samadi is the perfect place for conscious travelers who want to meet like-minded individuals. A must-visit for anyone in Bali!"

Therapy Canggu

Phone: +6282247242233
Opening hours: 10:00 AM - 8:00 PM
The salon owners' idea is to create a space where you can relax from stress and complexities. That's why everything here contributes to your relaxation and stress relief. The atmosphere is very pleasant. They offer wet towels and green tea, as well as lemongrass-infused water.
Attention is also given to oils and products for the face, hair, and body. Suppliers are carefully chosen, and the salon does not use products tested on animals. There's a hair salon where you can purchase hair and facial products, as well as a variety of tea (a wide selection of hair products including Davines and Olaplex). The space is small but very clean and comfortable.
They recommend choosing the one-and-a-half-hour program "The Panel Beat."
The Panel Beat full body massage - 270,000 rupiahs for 1 hour, 380,000 rupiahs for 90 minutes.
There are packages:
Two slices of heaven - 1 hour 45 minutes (massage + body scrub), 570,000 rupiahs.
Beauty and the beach - 3 hours (body and head massage + manicure-pedicure), 800,000 rupiahs.
"I booked the massage on the same day, and luckily there was an available slot. I chose the 90-minute 'The Ultimate Euphoria' massage. The pressure was medium, but it was sufficient for me (very much so). They worked on all the muscles that were sore from workouts.
It's decent here. They offer wet towels, water, reusable slippers (not very pleasant), and tea after the massage. But the massage itself is fantastic, that's what really matters."

Sundari Day Spa

Phone: (0361) 735073
Opening hours: 9:00 AM - 10:00 PM
This place is impressive right from the entrance: beautiful decor, a very pleasant aroma, and subdued lighting. Upon arrival, you'll receive a welcome drink and a cold towel. Before the procedure, you'll be asked to fill out a questionnaire and inquire about your preferences, such as whether you'd like your massage to be gentle/medium/strong, and a couple of other questions. If you're in this area or nearby, they offer a shared transfer from your hotel to the spa with other guests. Each treatment room has its own shower equipped with a full range of amenities, body lotion, shower gel, and shampoo with fantastic scents, a comb, and a basket to store your belongings. Amazing massage therapists and attentive staff.
Traditional Balinese massage - 500,000 rupiahs for 90 minutes and 600,000 rupiahs for 120 minutes.
Lymphatic drainage massage - 700,000 rupiahs for 90 minutes.
Reflexology - 325,000 rupiahs for 60 minutes, 425,000 rupiahs for 90 minutes.
Plus 12.5% tax on all procedures.
Review by Ivan: "Wonderful place. Top-notch services. I've been there twice. The European owner is always on-site and personally checks everything! Amazing interior! Super comfortable furniture! Worth every penny!"

Jari Menari

Phone: 0811-3811-4411
Opening hours: 9:00 AM - 8:00 PM
Jari Menari was founded in 2001 and has received numerous awards over the years. All massage therapists here are male. The owners emphasize that all specialists undergo regular training. You can choose massage oil, buy aromatherapy oils, sarongs, and much more. The sounds of water and meditation music are calming. They also offer Yon-ka facial care with essential oils. You can take a shower after the massage. Four-hand massage is available. There's also an opportunity to learn massage techniques. The salon owners promise deep relaxation, stress relief, body lightness, and emotional comfort. It's proven that emotional well-being improves after bodywork.
Four-hand massage - 660,000 rupiahs for 60 minutes, 990,000 rupiahs for 90 minutes.
Relaxing massage with deep muscle work - 585,000 rupiahs for 90 minutes.
Hydrating Yon-ka facial treatment - 620,000 rupiahs for 60 minutes.
Foot massage - 425,000 rupiahs for 60 minutes.
"The most professional massage we've had in Bali. Three of us loved it, one found it a bit painful. After surfing, our bodies were sore, and they did an excellent job of rejuvenating us. The salon has received many awards, and you can feel it in their massage technique. An amazing place, indeed. Thank you! We went twice. Definitely recommend experiencing their massage technique. They have a great sense of the body and work on areas with more tension."
Denis: "Absolutely amazing place. The massage therapists are true professionals who sense everything and do exactly what you need. And there's nothing more to say about the changing rooms and showers with organic cosmetics, they're exceptional."

De Nyuh Spa and Beauty Salon Seminyak

Phone: 0819-3979-2818
Opening hours: 10:00 AM - 10:00 PM
The salon is located on the 5th floor of the Grandmas Plus hotel. The second salon of the chain is in Kuta. The interesting decor includes a bamboo wall and a menu covered in rattan. Natural ingredients are used, such as coconut powder, salt scrub, and others. You can choose from 5 oils for your massage. Professional masseuses inquire about allergies or body issues before the procedure.
There's a set menu (facial care, massage of choice, scrub or body wrap) for 2 or 2.5 hours. After selecting the treatments, you'll be offered tea and a damp towel. Before the procedures, you'll fill out a form for a more personalized experience.
Traditional Balinese massage - 180,000 rupiah for 60 minutes, 220,000 rupiah for 90 minutes.
Foot massage or neck-collar area massage - 110,000 rupiah for 30 minutes.
Hot stone massage - 220,000 rupiah for 90 minutes.
There's a promo for a two-hour program: 350,000 rupiah for three procedures of choice.
Christina: "Excellent spa salon! My husband and I tried 5 massages before finding the best therapist here. Not all specialists were to our liking, so we ended up going only to Adniani alternately. I'm pregnant, but I needed at least my shoulders, scapulas, coccygeal area, and legs to be massaged. Adniani was very attentive and gentle, applying more pressure where I asked and lightly massaging my lower back. She allowed me to take comfortable positions and placed pillows under my knees. My husband is also thrilled; she gave him a strong sports massage. Everything was as it should be. The price is more than reasonable: when we left, it became around 250k/60min. We went regularly for over a month."


All massage parlors in Ubud can be roughly divided into two categories:
1 - expensive, beautiful places that tempt you to take a couple of photos for social media. Most likely, they will offer a stunning view, a bathtub with petals, welcome drinks, and fruits.
2 - simply massage parlors, family-owned and modest, yet equally customer-oriented. The interiors of the second category may not be Instagram-worthy, but they are still neat and clean. And much cheaper.
We've gathered Ubud's salons of various levels, all with good ratings and reviews. Let's start with the most expensive and luxurious, and finish with the simplest ones. 

Svaha Spa Bisma

Working hours: 9:00 AM - 11:00 PM
A place to relax in a pleasant atmosphere, with a beautiful view of the jungle. Friendly and hospitable staff. And a floral bath! Where would a spa of this level be without it? Each type of massage is described in their promotional brochures so deliciously that you want to try each one at least once.
For example:
Traditional Balinese massage - combines palm pressure and thumb pressure to relieve tension, along with extended gentle strokes. During the procedure, the therapist uses a unique blend of natural essential oils. This combination stimulates blood circulation and improves energy flow.
Royal massage - a one-and-a-half-hour massage that's perfect for relieving stress and relaxing sore muscles. It's based on Balinese massage, and the therapist also uses heated bamboo. The warmth from the bamboo stimulates blood supply, resulting in healthier-looking skin. The relaxing massage, in turn, alleviates muscle tension, releases energy, and restores a sense of balance in the body and mind.
Foot massage with reflexology - an ancient healing therapy aimed at balancing the entire body and inducing a sense of deep harmony. By applying pressure to specific points on the feet, the therapist stimulates blood circulation and restores calm to your nervous system.
- Traditional Balinese massage (60 minutes) - IDR 623,000,
- Royal massage (90 minutes) - IDR 864,000,
- Reflexology (60 minutes) - IDR 623,000.

Mandala Spa Ubud

Phone: +62 361 9088888
Working hours: 9:00 AM - 8:00 PM
A modern spa center with a beautiful and meticulously maintained area. Here, you can feel like a guest at a 5-star hotel, not only due to the price but also because of the service. Every guest is welcomed with a drink, provided with slippers, and given a cotton robe. After the procedure, you can relax by drinking ginger tea with lemongrass.
They use locally produced natural oils here. Each one is prepared in Bali using aromatherapeutic scents.
The procedures at this spa are perfect for those who dream of relieving tension and stress. The techniques applied by the therapists are aimed at reducing fatigue and improving overall well-being.
Not everyone can easily find this center, as it's located on the premises of Bisma Eight Villas.
- Oil massage (45 minutes) - IDR 475,000,
- Pregnancy massage (60 minutes) - IDR 500,000,
- Foot massage (60 minutes) - IDR 500,000,
- Children's massage (60 minutes) - IDR 450,000,
- Massage + scrub (1 hour 45 minutes) - IDR 850,000.

Ubud Traditional Spa

Phone: +62 361 898 9540
+62 877 6158 4407 (WhatsApp)
Working hours: 11:00 AM - 8:00 PM (last appointment)
One of the best spa centers in Bali, where professional therapists work. The premises here are beautiful and clean, with air conditioning. Additionally, oil diffusers are placed in the rooms, creating an even more relaxing atmosphere.
Guests are welcomed with lemongrass tea. Moreover, they offer the option to choose your own massage oil. The place is quite popular, so if you want to get a massage on the same day, it's advisable to make an early morning appointment. In that case, there's still a chance that the therapists might have a couple of available slots.
Furthermore, the spa center is not conveniently located – it's a 15-minute drive from the center of Ubud. They are situated in a small traditional village. So, it's recommended to make a reservation first before heading there.
However, if at least two people are booked for a massage, they can arrange a free transfer. If it's just one person, a small fee for transportation might be requested.
- Traditional Balinese massage (60 minutes) - IDR 216,000,
- Reflexology (60 minutes) - IDR 170,000,
- Royal massage (60 minutes) - IDR 390,000 (the procedure is performed by two therapists simultaneously, combining different massage techniques),
- Rice farmer's massage (60 minutes) - IDR 234,000 (based on the traditional massage given by a farmer's wife after a long day in the field, using a blend of coconut oil and organic sea salt).

Putri Bali Spa

Phone: +62 361 978960
+62 819 3631 8394
Working hours: 09:00 AM - 09:00 PM
Relax in the atmosphere of a tropical garden and choose from a wide range of techniques. Traditional Balinese massage, reflexology, or face and hand massage. The therapists at this spa center know how to improve blood circulation, relieve muscle tension, and calm the body and mind.
This salon has three branches. Another one is also in Ubud and is called Putri Ubud Spa 2. There's one in Seminyak as well. However, it's the one named Putri Ubud Spa that receives the most praise.
This spa is a 10-minute drive from the center of Ubud. Free transfer is provided, but only for a minimum of two guests.
You can choose from any of the 23 types of massages offered in this spa. Here are the prices for some of them:
- Balinese massage (90 minutes) - IDR 250,000,
- Foot massage (60 minutes) - IDR 160,000,
- Back massage (30 minutes) - IDR 150,000,
- Sports massage (90 minutes) - IDR 400,000,
- Thai massage (90 minutes) - IDR 650,000,
- 4-hand massage (60 minutes) - IDR 350,000. 

Karsa Spa

Phone: +62 813 5339 2013
Working hours: 9:00 AM - 7:00 PM
A beautiful place, with an even more beautiful road leading to it. The spa center is located in the village of Bangkiang Sidem, on the Artists' Trail, a 30-minute walk from the center of Ubud. It is surrounded by rice fields and tranquil landscapes of untouched Bali. There is also a café on the premises. So, the place is perfect for combining a stroll, a massage, or body care treatments with lunch. Moreover, the sunsets there are breathtaking! The place is popular, so it's better to make reservations in advance.
The entire staff is professional, experienced, and highly skilled masseurs. Ayurvedic and organic oils are used during the procedures. Afterward, guests are treated to natural tea with ginger, lemongrass, pandan, and palm sugar. Massages are conducted in separate rooms, where you can take a shower afterward. However, these spaces are open. So, if it's raining and cool outside, it will be the same in the room.
- Traditional Balinese massage (60 minutes) - IDR 240,000,
- Deep tissue massage (60 minutes) - IDR 260,000,
- Sports massage (90 minutes) - IDR 400,000,
- Reflexology (30 minutes) - IDR 140,000.

NUSA THERAPY - Traditional Massage Center

Phone: +62 82342563923
Opening hours: 12:00 PM - 9:00 PM
The main pride of this establishment is aromatherapy massage using plant oils and rice water. It is recommended for complete relaxation of not only the body but also the mind.
Although the techniques in the arsenal of local therapists are much more diverse. So, they are ready to listen to all clients' preferences - to provide a gentle massage for those who seek tender touches, or to apply focused pressure to work on all muscles and relieve tension.
They use natural aromatherapy massage oils, made from a special blend that includes coconut oil and pure essential oils (without artificial fragrances).
You can even choose the scent of the oil. They will provide you with several options before the procedure.
Tea after the procedure is included in the price.
- Full body massage (60 minutes) - IDR 180,000,
- Four-hand massage (60 minutes) - IDR 340,000,
- Foot massage with washing and scrub (30 minutes) - IDR 80,000.

Jembawan Spa - Balinese Massage in Ubud

Phone: +62 831 1561 9404
+62 812 4693 6822
Opening hours: 10:00 AM - 9:00 PM
A wide selection of massage techniques is available. In this place, you can try traditional Balinese massage, reflexology, facial and hand massages, aromatherapy massage, or massage with Ayurvedic therapy.
A pleasant location with a friendly and hospitable owner. After each session, guests are treated to ginger tea and fruits.
One downside is the noisy road nearby (this might hinder some from fully immersing in the massage meditation), and they only accept cash payments.
- Traditional Balinese massage (60 minutes) - IDR 150,000,
- Back massage (30 minutes) - IDR 110,000,
- Aromatherapy massage (60 minutes) - IDR 190,000,
- Reflexology (60 minutes) - IDR 130,000,
- Four-hand massage (60 minutes) - IDR 300,000.

Relax SPA Ubud

Phone: +62 81 238 099 087
+62 81 338 875 924
Opening hours: 12:00 PM - 9:00 PM
A new salon in Ubud. It was opened in December 2022. But despite its "youth," this place is already associated with a very touching story.
Brian Hathaway was once a legend in the spa industry of Southeast Asia and the Middle East. One of his desires was to open a spa center in Ubud. However, he didn't get to realize this idea. Six months after discussing this idea with his wife, he passed away. But after 8 years, she finally turned his dream into reality, and now Relax SPA Ubud welcomes clients.
The main highlight of the establishment is the "Signature Relax" option for 60, 90, or 120 minutes. It's a full-body massage using a choice of aromatherapy oil and adjustable pressure: gentle, medium, or deep.
The salon is small, with only two chairs for foot massages, so it's better to book in advance. Additional perks include air conditioning, refreshing drinks before and after the massage.
- Signature Relax (60 minutes) - IDR 150,000,
- Shoulders and back (45 minutes) - IDR 100,000,
- Facial massage (30 minutes) - IDR 110,000,
- Foot massage (30 minutes) - IDR 80,000.

Melya Dewi Spa and Salon

Phone: +62 813-3791-4048
Opening hours: 10:00 AM - 8:30 PM
The owner of this spa salon is named Ayu. She was born and raised in Bali, where she received extensive training in traditional massage. However, she didn't start practicing on the island right away. For many years, she lived abroad with her husband, where she also studied other well-known techniques.
Now, this Balinese woman has returned to her native island, opened this center, and offers her healing skills to all who are interested.
In Ayu's repertoire, for example, there's a procedure that is definitely worth trying at least once - Ayurvedic Shirodhara. It's an ancient Ayurvedic therapy. Warm oil is poured continuously onto the forehead, an area where nerves are highly concentrated.
The gentle pressure and soothing warmth of the oil allow the body, mind, and nervous system to experience a deep meditative state of calmness.
The spa salon itself is clean and beautiful. And it also smells very pleasant there. After the procedure, guests are treated to a small fruit plate and tea.
- Balinese massage (60 minutes) - IDR 110,000,
- Thai massage (60 minutes) - IDR 180,000,
- Aromatherapy (60 minutes) - IDR 150,000.

Made Body Relaxation

Phone: +62 821 4400 8032
Opening hours: 8:00 AM - 9:00 PM
High-quality massage at an affordable price. And very hospitable people too.
As soon as you lie down on the bed and the therapist begins the massage, you will immediately forget that this isn't a luxurious spa center. In a modest setting, experienced and attentive specialists work. They are professionals with over 5 years of experience.
You can come to their village of Penestanan Kaya yourself, or you can also arrange for the therapists to come to your home. If you plan to visit, it's better to book a time in advance. At least an hour before.
The range of services is quite extensive. Clients also have the option to choose their desired pressure: gentle, medium, or firm.
- Balinese massage (60 minutes) - IDR 100,000,
- Acupressure massage (60 minutes) - IDR 120,000,
- Foot massage (45 minutes) - IDR 100,000,
- Aromatherapy (60 minutes) - IDR 130,000.

Nata spa

Phone: +62 818 0558 6462
Opening hours: 7:30 AM - 10:00 PM
A clean and quiet place with a good balance of price and quality. Despite the modest salon, guests have the opportunity to take a shower after the massage. As a farewell gesture, you will be treated to soothing tea and cookies.
- Traditional Balinese massage (60 minutes) - IDR 100,000,
- Nata massage (75 minutes) - IDR 130,000,
- Hot stone massage (60 minutes) - IDR 125,000,
- Reflexology (30 minutes) - IDR 60,000.
In-home services are available.
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