Sana Bali ex HOTHOUSE

The sauna operates within the Parq Ubud premises and boasts a corresponding style and design. Among the offerings are two Finnish saunas (for 20 and 10 people respectively), a hammam (for 15 people), and a Russian sauna with a temperature of 100-120°C (for 15 people), all accompanied by aromatherapy. There's also a pool and a relaxation room. This is the largest sauna complex in Bali. The saunas are open every day. The cost of entry is 150,000 Rupiahs from 8 AM to 5 PM and 200,000 Rupiahs from 5 PM to 10 PM. Purchasing a subscription comes with decent discounts. For instance, a month-long pass will cost you 1,100,000 Rupiahs. There's a 50% discount for the first visit. Periodically, the sauna hosts interesting events, such as a recent full moon ceremony featuring the musician Siti Naturalé. Apart from mystical live music, the show included impressive elements like body activation, inner dance, shamanic singing, healing songs, all culminating in an atmospheric sound.
WhatsApp: 0877-1682-3255.
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