How to go through the automatic gates at Bali airport? Instructions

In Bali, 30 automatic gates are now operational, allowing travelers to pass through immigration in just a couple of minutes, considering the queue and preparation time. The actual document check takes even less time, approximately 15-25 seconds, especially if you read our instructions in advance.

Who can use the automatic gates?

1. Indonesian citizens with regular or electronic passports.
2. Foreigners with biometric passports and pre-approved electronic visas (including e-VOA).
3. Tourists from ASEAN member countries enjoying visa-free status with Indonesia (pre-registration required).
To apply for an electronic visa, visit: Instructions for obtaining an e-VOA are available here.

Who CANNOT use the automatic gates?

1. Tourists who have purchased a visa on arrival at the airport (they need to go to the immigration officer).
2. Children under 14 years old.
While some may claim success stories of passing through the turnstiles with a visa purchased on arrival, as of March 5, airport staff reportedly redirected such tourists for face-to-face verification.

How to prepare for passing through the automatic gates at the airport?

1. Stand in front of the yellow line, creating a distance between the queue and the automatic gate.
2. While waiting, remove the passport cover to save time during scanning.
3. Take off your mask, headwear, and glasses.

How to use the automatic gate?

1. Only one person can be in the gate at a time. Wait until the red cross changes to a green arrow, indicating the direction to proceed.
2. Walk through and stand on the yellow sticker, which reads in English: "Stand here."
3. Keep your hand luggage behind you.
4. Place the passport on the scanner and wait for the data processing to complete.
5. The system will take your photo; look at the screen, not the camera.
6. If the immigration process is successful, the gates will open, and you can exit. Instead of a stamp in your passport, you'll receive an electronic notification of border crossing, sent to your email (containing date and time). If you used a visa agency, they will receive the notification.
7. If the turnstile turns red, repeat the process.
Don't worry if something goes wrong; airport staff and border control officers are present near the automatic gates and will assist you with the technology.

How to scan a passport?

1. Open the passport to the page with the photograph and place it on the scanner as shown in the picture below (hints will also be provided on the terminal).
2. Hold the passport to ensure it lies flat and still on the scanner without bending.
This document check is faster and simpler, especially for frequent visa runners. In theory, this method of passing through the border should spare travelers from unnecessary questions and hints of bribery. However, it's essential not to underestimate the digital screening.
In just 15 seconds, the system can scan the passport, take a photo, and check for visa presence. Simultaneously, the traveler's information is entered into the database of the Immigration Department and Interpol. Therefore, those with entry bans or who are wanted will be quickly identified.
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