Good villages in Bali for renting a house

One of the most effective ways to find a good house in Bali is still the method of exploring areas you like on a scooter and inspecting houses with "For rent" signs or inquiring about available houses from locals. To make it easier, let's compile a list of good villages/settlements/areas to check for available houses first:


A calm and pleasant place with a relatively small size. Average pricing for houses.
Convenient, but more secluded than Permata Ariza. Average pricing.
Another village close to Permata Ariza. Convenient for access to Jl. Uluwatu.
A quite large village, It's quiet and peaceful, conveniently located. Some houses have wired internet, and 3G signal is good for all operators in this area. No water issues. Many roosters.
A small new settlement with average to lower prices.
A large settlement, more local. Average to low prices.
Close to Balangan. Prices for houses are quite low. Some water issues. The farther from the central entrance to the settlement, the cheaper. Peaceful and beautiful. Easy access to Nirmala Ungasan, the bypass road to RIMBA, AYANA hotels, and then to Jimbaran Beach. Nirmala Balangan supermarket is nearby.
A quite large village, conveniently located. More local.

Ungasan, Pecatu, Kutuh

A relatively small and simple village actively developing. Many Russians live there. Some water issues.
A very decent area with many villas. Still developing. Minimum rent around 10 million/month.
Many house rental options. Prices are immediately twice as low as in neighboring Sahadewa. A good area with foreign residents. Houses start from 4-5 million. There are almost no one-bedroom houses. According to residents' reviews, it's always cool there because it is well ventilated on a hill.
A large local village. Despite its size, there are no rental offers.


A very nice village with many foreigners. Closer to Nusa Dua. Average prices.
A small village mostly with typical housing. Not much greenery. Prices for houses are quite low, but the houses are correspondingly small.
Very well-located village. Average prices for houses, but the houses are also average, with many old ones. Overall, it's worth checking.
Large, good, and new houses.
A very cool settlement with real security, a common pool, and an area for children's walks. Houses of average and high level. Probably, there is nothing cheaper than 6-7 million/month, on average, all from 10 million/month. Honestly, due to the area, for rather average unfurnished houses, they ask for 120 million/year. Expensive, but the area is really cool.
Divided into two villages: the first and the second. There's not much difference. Both villages cater to middle-class and higher-end houses, up to very upscale villas. There are quite a few rental options. The area itself is beautiful and cozy. You can approach it from Good Way, and as you drive, you will also pass an intersection to Taman Mumbul with equally good houses.
A very large settlement with houses to suit any taste. Average pricing.
Right across from the entrance to the village, there's a new Surya Husadha clinic. A decent little village with. There is security at the entrance. Prices seem average. It takes about 20 minutes to walk to Nusa Dua beach.


A fairly civilized, gated, centrally managed settlement. There is a decent communal pool. Prices are average to higher.

North and East Bali

A very classic Balinese village, but there are civilized places and nice villas with pools right on the beach. Great if you want to experience real village life in Bali and relax with children in nature. Very secluded. Housing prices are slightly above average, but everything else is very inexpensive.
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