Gastronomic Uluwatu: The Top Five places with Unique Concepts

After the equatorial winter and the end of the big wave season, new places for gastronomic adventures are emerging in Uluwatu. Whether it's due to the start of the tourist season or the restoration of normal life after COVID is unknown. The main thing is that the area is becoming more interesting, developing its infrastructure. Here are the top five new establishments in the beautiful and hilly Uluwatu.
Place with no name
Opening hours: 08:00 to 01:00, Sunday until 00:00
The sign "Vegetarian, Pescatarian food" created intrigue several months before the establishment opened. Perhaps that's why the café is always busy, regardless of the day of the week. If you need a table for more than two people in the evening, it's better to make a reservation. WhatsApp is provided in Google Maps and is operational.
Now, onto the most interesting part—the food. The kitchen caters to vegetarians and pescatarians. In other words, if you eat fish but not meat, you're a pescatarian. The menu includes various fish and seafood items: fish burger, fish & chips, tuna steak, three classic Asian dishes with the option of tuna or shrimp, Caesar salad with the option of tuna or shrimp, and calamari rings.
There is one nuance with the Caesar salad: if you don't add any of the suggested options, it will be a large green plate with the corresponding sauce and croutons. Strangely, they don't add quail eggs and cherry tomatoes. The salad gets a minus; it doesn't live up to its name. The fish burger pleasantly surprised with its size, juiciness, and rich taste.
There are more vegetarian options in both appetizers and the main menu. If you expect a moderately hearty vegetarian lunch and miss variety, this place will satisfy your cravings. Classics are also present: a good hearty falafel with quinoa, named Turkish salad bowl on the menu.
If you ever feel lost and can't decide, confidently choose the traditional curry - Traditional Thai Veggie-Coconut Curry. You can add grilled tofu, shrimp, squid, or tuna to it. The level of traditionality of the curry is unknown, as it is quite liquid, but very tasty! The combination of coconut milk with vegetable broth and the traditional spices of this dish creates a perfect flavor composition.
It's worth noting that the food itself is not inherently spicy. When ordering, always check how adjustable the dish's spiciness is.
Of course, there are also juices and smoothies. Smoothies range from 39,000 idr to 59,000 idr, and cold-pressed juice mixes are priced at 49,000 idr. Breakfast is served from 8:00 to 12:00, and the lunch menu is available from 12:00 to 22:30.
Menu items range from 39,000 idr (appetizers), while lunch and dinner are priced from 89,000 idr to 130,000 idr. Tax and service charge together amount to 16%.
Working hours: 08:00-20:00
Instagram: @the_chai_bali
A tea house with a calming atmosphere, and an extensive range of premium teas. In July 2022, a new space in the style of eco-minimalism and Buddhist tranquility opened. The tea culture in Bali is mainly developed by expats.
If you miss cozy tea sessions, The Chai is perfect for a visit. The tea assortment is diverse: oolong, white tea, gaba, pu'er, black tea, herbal teas. But the most important thing is the tea ceremony, and the establishment observes all the nuances and norms of serving this ancient drink.
Sweet tooths can enjoy desserts, halva, truffles, and even tea ice cream! We recommend trying the chocolate tart with salted caramel.
The enclosed and air-conditioned space encourages the consumption of warm drinks. It's a great place to come with a laptop for an hour.
If you like a particular tea, you can buy it to take home—all teas on the menu are sold in the store. For example, 50 grams of gaba sheng cake costs 113,000 idr, 100 grams of Lou Chun green tea is 120,000 idr, and 30 grams of Lilu Flower herbal tea is 30,000 idr. You can also purchase tea ceremony goods, teapots, dishes, and everything related.
The menu includes bowls, buckwheat with mushrooms and sauce, and a Hawaiian burger. However, the concept is still unique for Bukit. The first tea house is located in Ubud.
There is no tax. Tea prices vary by the number of grams and type, averaging from 50,000 to 120,000 idr. Desserts range from 25,000 to 50,000 idr.
There is a small parking lot.
Habitat Village
Working hours: 08:00-23:00
A restaurant area with a salad bar, terrace, children's zone, and a store within a residential complex. The first establishment operates in Ubud.
Whether it's meeting friends, a dinner for two, a family lunch, or an evening out, it's all about Habitat Village. The cool indoor space labeled "salad bar" is perfect for lunch or a snack on a hot day, with tables of varying heights and panoramic window views.
The covered terrace, elevated and breezy, is much more spacious. It consists of three zones: tables for 2 and 4, long tables, and comfortable lounge chairs with low tables. By the way, the terrace conveniently has power outlets, so you can work there with a refreshing drink.
The menu is very diverse, featuring wood-fired pizza, grilled dishes, meat, and vegetarian options, as well as creatively composed salads. The grilled chicken was a bit dry; hopefully, they'll address that soon. The salads are intriguing with a blend of ingredients, adding Mexican or Asian notes to classic bases.
The menu concept includes two types of sweet bars: gluten & sugar-free and sugar lover.
On-site, there's a store with a variety of goods, ranging from Bali Buda-style groceries to cosmetics, children's toys, and hygiene products.
One of the few establishments with a children's room! During weekends, they also open a kids' club where you can leave your child and enjoy quality time. 

The area is spacious, and by Balinese standards, the parking lot is expected to be ample. Feel free to come by car.
OYA Bali
Working hours: 08:00-23:00,
One of the most refined places among the newly opened. It impresses with the subtle and meticulous blending of styles, evident in everything from the interior to the presentation of dishes. The owners dared to play with eclecticism, expressing the extraordinary atmosphere through every detail.
The cuisine is Mediterranean with fusion elements, predominantly catering to pescatarians or meat enthusiasts. There's a more extensive selection of vegetarian dishes for breakfast. Those who love unusual flavors can try "poison cru."
The uniqueness of the dishes is reflected in their simplicity. For example, mahi-mahi is prepared in the traditions of Mediterranean cuisine, with sweet potato puree and salad. Another fish variety, snapper, will have an island taste and be served with a mango Mexican salad and tortilla. The Caesar salad deserves a plus: a generous portion, enough sauce, and cherry tomatoes. The taste of the dishes is as stunning as their presentation.
The restaurant has several zones: a covered air-conditioned space, outdoor tables for two, and a terrace with different types of seating. As you've gathered, the charm of this place lies in the small details and a particularly romantic atmosphere.
OYA offers a good selection of cocktails and several wine options.

The dessert choices are currently limited to brownies and tiramisu. The menu prices range from 70,000 IDR to 150,000 IDR. The total tax amount will be 15%.
Parking is available for cars and motorcycles.
Alchemy Uluwatu
- Vegan restaurant with a small free coworking space, a shop, and a bonfire area. The first, more secluded Alchemy operates in Ubud.
The concept revolves around plant-based products, a healthy lifestyle, and a conscious community to create a better future. This is reflected in the interior dominated by light-toned wood, numerous green plants, and soothing music that doesn't distract.
The entire space is open, with three zones: two areas with tables and a bar, a beautiful courtyard with a bonfire, and circular benches nearby.
The shop and a small coworking space are located in a closed, air-conditioned area. To use the coworking space, it's necessary to make a reservation in advance, at least one day before your visit. The shop offers organic cosmetics and sunglasses for purchase.
The establishment features a breakfast bar - you can assemble your breakfast yourself; this option is available until 12:00. You create your dish from a liquid base, three types of fruits, and two additives. Additional options can be added for 15,000 IDR.
An important note: until 12:00, the main menu is not available, only the all-day breakfast. There are breakfast options available all day in the menu.
All dishes are vegan, but this doesn't diminish the variety of items. For main dishes, Alchemy offers variations of bowls, pizzas, salads, sandwiches, spring rolls, and even a vegan burger. Of course, there is a wide selection of smoothies and juices.
The venue is spacious and has a stage area, so concerts and other events will be held here, announced in advance on the Instagram.
The building was constructed from scratch on a large plot of land without neighbors, so the parking is also ample and convenient.
Prices for main items range from 79,000 IDR to 100,000 IDR. Smoothies range from 60,000 IDR to 69,000 IDR, and cold-pressed juice blends from 45,000 IDR to 89,000 IDR. The tax is 10% of the bill.
For followers of veganism and an organic lifestyle, it's useful to know about the Alchemy Academy - courses on preparing vegan dishes. Information about this can be found on the website.
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