All Bali restaurants by neighborhood: what to try and where to eat, food in Bali by cuisine, popular restaurants

Restaurants in Seminyak

Seminyak is a very trendy neighborhood with luxurious expensive villas, stylish boutique cafes and warungs. It is also home to the legendary gastronomic Eat street with the best cafes and restaurants. The choice of Chinese, Japanese, European and local Balinese food is huge - to suit all tastes and wallets. You won't go hungry here.


It is a popular place in Seminyak with bright stylish interior and author's cuisine. You will be pleased with specialty cocktails and dishes from the best seafood. In the institution offer to taste the most exquisite dishes of Japanese and European cuisine, excellent specialty cakes and desserts. And there is a space for smoking hookahs.
♨ Worth a try:
  • shark meat burger
💳 Average check per dish: 110,000 - 180,000 IDR.
✅ The restaurant hosts themed dinners, chef's nights where you'll learn how to carve tuna, live music concerts and karaoke.

Bangkok kitchen Seminyak

♨ Worth a try:
  • The best Tom Yum
💳 Average check per dish: 60,000 - 80,000 IDR.

Bloom Neighbourhood Cafe Seminyak

Lots of greenery and inside the garden is very nice. The staff is friendly and diligent. There are different promotions: free coffee/tea for breakfast, 1+1 cocktail in the evening.
♨ Worth a try:
  • Burrito
💳 Average check per dish: 45,000 - 130,000 IDR.

Kuta Restaurants

Kuta is a large tourist area, so everyone is catered for: here you can easily find restaurants with European, French, Italian, Asian or American cuisine. For those who prefer a less formal setting, Kuta offers many very cozy cafes and eateries where you can eat both local delicacies and discover new drinks.

Jackfruit Brunch & Coffee

A nice place in Kuta that not many people know about. It was hearty, tasty, out of the ordinary. Also very nice music and atmosphere, it was comfortable to sit. Good coffee.
♨ Worth a try:
  • Avocado toast with pesto sun-dried tomatoes, marinated feta and ripe avocado
💳 Average check per dish: 55,000 - 135,000 IDR.

Crumb & Coaster

One of the most popular places in Kuta, where there is always a shortage of space. For Kuta, it is a non-competitive place. Great service and customer service, we had our dish brought to us in 5 minutes.  
♨ Worth a try: 
  • Croissant with salmon. 
💳 Average check per dish: 45,000 - 110,000 IDR.

Red Dragon Ramen

Nice place, with an Asian atmosphere. With one of the most delicious ramen in Bali. 
♨ Worth a try:
  • Ramen with chicken. 
💳 Average check per dish: 35,000 - 90,000 IDR.
  • Restaurant opening hours: 07:30–23:00
  • 📍 The address in Google Maps.  
  • Phone: 03619342872

Restaurants in Ubud

Restaurants in Ubud
Ubud offers everything from traditional Indonesian cuisine to international fare. There are plenty of places with stunning views of the gorges, with great jungle views when you sit down at a table.

Ganapati Bar and Lounge Ubud

Here you can try Australian cuisine. You have the opportunity to do it in Bali! When you come here, be sure to have the Australian meat pie. The restaurant has a mesmerizing view of the forest.
♨ Worth a try:
  • wagyu beef
💳 Average check per dish: 70,000 - 130,000 IDR.
  • Restaurant opening hours: 07:00–23:30
  • 📍 The address in Google Maps.  
  • Phone number: 03614793349

Melali Ubud

One of the best places to eat in Ubud. Service is great, cool interior, huge portions and good prices. 
♨ Worth a try: 
  • Creamy Mushroom & Truffle Oil Pasta
  • Bakery "Pavlova"
  • Ukha fish soup
💳 Average check per dish: 30,000 - 150,000 IDR.

MAMU Ubud Cafe

Cafe - hookah lounge, a small closed room, part of which is under a canopy, Very comfortable chairs and sofas, be careful on them you can fall asleep. I love the mashed potatoes with beef stroganoff here, but I would like larger portions. 
♨ Worth a try: 
  • beef stroganoff
  • carbonara pasta
  • tuna with bulgur
💳 Average check per dish: 50,000 - 95,000 IDR.

Restaurants in Canggu

Canggu is attracting a younger generation of tourists and digital noms. The area is a true center of the best culinary trends. Canggu is known for cafes specializing in healthy eating. Here you will find the most exquisite smoothies and delicious vegan dishes.

Crate Cafe

Crate Cafe is the most popular cafe in Canggu with an Australian hostess! People are attracted to this place because of its large selection of Instagram-worthy dishes, huge portions and affordable prices. The menu here hangs right on the wall. It is made in the style of seating in the dining room, with a surfer atmosphere.
The assortment of the cafe will please even the most sophisticated gourmet: from generous large portions of salads to rich smoothies and very tasty carbohydrate dishes. You will want to post any dish on Instagram.
♨ Worth a try: 
  • Pizza Mafia with salmon
  • Сroissant with salmon
  • Chia bowl
  • Protein coctail
  • Ice cappucino
💳 Average check per dish: 50,000 - 110,000 IDR.
  • 📍 The address in Google Maps
  • Restaurant opening hours: 06:00–17:00

Little Frenchie

A new French restaurant in Canggu. Very beautifully served and you can feel the specialty in every dish here. 
♨ Worth a try: 
  • Smoked Salmon Croissant
  • Profiteroles
  • Eggs Benedict Lobster
💳 Average check per dish: 45,000 - 420,000 IDR.

Warung Goûthé

I'm not French, but this is another one of my favorite French food establishments. A small restaurant with soft armchairs with a tavern atmosphere serving classic French dishes, pastries and desserts.
Here is the best kebab with amazing sauces, and for breakfast I advise you to try the best French toast. 
♨ Worth a try: 
  • French toast
  • I recommend you try the meat and seafood.
💳 Average check per dish: 45,000 - 250,000 IDR.

Restaurants in Nusa Dua

Nusa Dua is an area in the southeastern part of the island. It has the most famous hotel chains, with gorgeous beaches that are suitable for swimming and golf courses.
It is mainly inhabited by families and people who are retired.

Laguna Garden Restaurant

Nice Indonesian-style place Huge selection of Indonesian cuisine as well as international dishes, from seafood and steaks to Thai fried rice and spaghetti.
♨ Worth a try: 
  • Seafood
💳 Average check per dish: 50,000 - 100,000 IDR.

Restaurants in Bukit

Restaurants in Bukit
Bukit is a peninsula in the southern part of Bali. It is the heart of the surfers' life, with the most beautiful beaches and an ocean with huge waves. A large number of cliffs and precipices that offer stunning views. It truly feels like an island here with the smell of the trees, and the ever-present ocean views.

Ohana Bali Restaurant, Bar & Kidsparadise

Top spot on Bukit. Bright and cozy interior. Semi-open space, lots of greenery, not hot and everything is ventilated. The table setting is very beautiful.
Portions are large! One portion of appetizers can be full.
For children there is a free equipped children's playroom with slides and sandboxes.
♨ Worth a try: 
  • smoked marlin 
  • pizza
💳 Average check per dish: 50,000 - 390,000 IDR.

Kitchen house, burger, pasta, pizza

It is a secret place, hidden from the eyes of passers-by, but it is definitely worth your attention. The local chef used to work for 6 years at resort la joya, some people used to go there specially because it was very tasty, and this place is also very tasty due to his skills. 
♨ Worth a try: 
  • Prawn avocado salad
  • Chicken quesadillas
💳 Average check per dish: 30,000 - 75,000 IDR.

Sushi Shop Jimbaran

Good, decent rolls for Bali. They are not small, they are inexpensive, you can take half a portion (4pcs).
The owner has been working in Japanese cuisine since 2006 and you can see a competent approach to the business.
♨ Worth a try: 
  • Sushi roll crab, salmon, mango
  • Philadelphia with salmon
💳 Average check per dish: 52,000 - 95,000 IDR.


A new place in Bukit, similar to HUGE, very beautiful interior in which you can come in a beautiful outfit with your girlfriend on a date, also there are hookahs. 
♨ Worth a try: 
  • Salmon crepes
  • Beef Salad
💳 Average check per dish: 52,000 - 95,000 IDR.

Restaraunts in Sanur

Restaraunts in Sanur
A port area that one mostly learns about when traveling to Nusa Penida or Gili Island. But those who are tired of traffic jams often rent apartments in Sanur. 

Massimo Italian Restaurant

Very good service, you can see the owner has everything under control. Rustic Italian restaurant with homemade pasta and pizza.
♨ Worth a try: 
  • Agnolotti 
  • Meat Lasagna 
  • Coal Ice Cream
💳 Average check per dish: 52,000 - 95,000 IDR.
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