Where to eat sushi in Bukit? A selection of the best restaurants

It's impossible to imagine the modern world without sushi restaurants. They are perfect places for gatherings with friends and romantic evenings. Just 20-30 years ago, Japanese delicacies were only known in the Land of the Rising Sun.
In Bali, there are many such establishments, and choosing the best ones can be quite challenging. Bali.Live has prepared its top list of popular traditional Japanese cuisine venues. It takes into account the quality of service, the beauty of interiors, unique menu offerings, customer reviews, and reasonable prices.
Let's talk about where you can find the most delicious sushi in Bukit.

Shaka Riki

Opening Hours: Daily from 3:00 PM to 10:00 PM
The restaurant Shaka Riki is located near Padang-Padang and Bingin beaches. These are perhaps some of the most beautiful places in Bali, where you can surf while enjoying white sandy beaches and cliffs with incredible views.
After a swim in the ocean, it's definitely worth visiting this restaurant. The atmosphere in the establishment is very tranquil, and it's surprisingly quiet despite its proximity to the road. There's a lot of greenery, fresh air, and space. The tables are spaced apart from each other, allowing you to relax and savor your meal.
The restaurant owner is Japanese, also serving as the chef. He spent a long time living and working in New Zealand and concluded that it's best to adapt Japanese cuisine slightly for Europeans.
The food here is fresh and delicious, with the owner taking great care in selecting ingredients. The sashimi melts in your mouth! Be sure to try the Ceviche; it's very tasty. The Poke salad is also a favorite and a real delight. The sushi rolls are quite large. Don't forget to order the baked eggplant! If you love pumpkin, try the pumpkin croquettes.
The menu is quite diverse, so everyone can find something to their liking. There are special sections for vegetarians and those who don't eat gluten. Plus, you'll find reasonably priced alcoholic beverages, including authentic New Zealand wine and local beer at very pleasant prices.
This is truly a great place for dinner in a quiet and relaxing atmosphere.
Guests say that the staff in this place are patient. They offer dishes at reasonable prices. The average check per person is 190k - 220k Indonesian Rupiah, plus taxes and a 15% service charge. You can find more detailed pricing information at this link.

Sushi Tei

Opening Hours: Daily from 11:00 AM to 9:30 PM
A popular Japanese restaurant not only in Bali but also in Jakarta. The chain is located in the Sidewalk shopping center in Jimbaran and offers its visitors high-quality dishes and top-notch service. These are the main criteria that are part of the restaurant's special philosophy. The spacious interior allows for a wide celebration, a fun family holiday, or a lively corporate event. The soft furniture and wooden tables create a special cozy atmosphere, while ceiling lights provide soft lighting.
Visitors can use outlets to charge their gadgets and enjoy free internet. If you're looking for something exotic, this is exactly what you need. Here, you will be treated to delicious sushi prepared according to classic and unique recipes. Beautiful menu, tasty drinks, and rolls. There are separate booths for private relaxation.
Guests claim that the staff in this establishment are highly skilled. Many visitors find the prices here reasonable. The average check per person is 140k - 175k Indonesian Rupiah, and taxes and fees will amount to 11 percent. You can check out the menu at this link.


Opening Hours: Daily from 5:00 PM to 11:00 PM
Tabu restaurant offers its visitors unusual combinations of high-quality dishes inspired by Mexican spirit and Japanese elegance. Fresh seafood, juicy steaks, sashimi, and croquettes are a delight for gourmets. Here you can taste the beloved rolls, woks with various fillings, and sushi that have a 50% discount every Thursday. Additionally, the innovative cocktail menu will keep you entertained.
Tabu is an integrated restaurant under a nightclub where everyone will find their place. The rhythmic music played by DJs will immerse you in the world of dance and unrestrained fun.
This is truly a unique place with a colorful area consisting of two floors. The relaxation area is divided into sections. The first is a hall with a bar, DJ booth, and a small cozy zone. The second is the green hall surrounded by trees and a barbecue area. The third section is a wooden hall with subdued lighting.
Visitors in their reviews note the decent service here, a club atmosphere combined with very delicious dishes. Prices are above average. The average check per person is 250k - 300k Indonesian Rupiah, and taxes and fees in the total amount will be 16 percent. You can check the current menu below.

Sushi Ulu Wasabi

Working hours: Daily from 15:00 to 21:30
Sushi Ulu Wasabi is one of the Japanese restaurants in Bali offering its visitors a taste of exquisite dishes from the Land of the Rising Sun. This establishment takes pride in perfectly preparing sushi using top-quality ingredients.
Visitors can choose from several options of rice bowls and grilled seafood. Many guests come here to order deliciously prepared sashimi with tuna, tempura shrimp, and spicy rolls. You can also enjoy good beer here, and customers in reviews mention that they serve tasty Japanese tea.
It's cost-effective to order a set of appetizers for a group. In the wok section, they prepare udon, rice, and buckwheat noodles with beef, chicken, and seafood. In the salad section, the avocado boats with tuna and shrimp catch the eye. There is a separate section on the menu for vegan options. Aromatic desserts and beverages are also available.
The restaurant has a cozy atmosphere, and every evening, starting at 19:00, musical groups perform here. Many visitors note that the staff in this place is pleasant. The average bill per person ranges from 150k to 175k. Taxes and fees are 11 percent. You can check the dishes and prices in more detail through the link.

Rumah Sushi

Working hours: Daily from 12:00 to 22:00
Rumah Sushi doesn't aspire to be a Michelin-starred restaurant, but it doesn't need to. Here, you'll find an informal atmosphere of coziness where you can relax with friends, have a great time, and connect with loved ones.
The establishment is suitable for both solo lunches and dinners and for larger groups. They offer very comfortable traditional tables for two, four, and six people.
Prices here are some of the lowest in Bukit, and notably, the menu is extremely diverse. There are many rolls, woks, sushi, and other interesting dishes from Japanese cuisine. They also have special sets. Visitors praise the staff and highly recommend trying the salmon sushi, spicy sashimi, and fresh fish. It's delivered here every morning. The average bill per person is around 100k - 130k. There are no taxes or service charges. You can check the prices and dishes through the link.

Sushi Wasabi

Working hours: Daily from 12:00 to 21:30
And concluding our rating of the best Japanese establishments in Bukit is Warung Sushi Wasabi. There are always many visitors here, and they love this cafe for its simple and unpretentious Indonesian-style interior, reasonable prices, and incredibly tasty dishes.
The menu offers traditional Japanese cuisine with a wide selection of sushi, rolls, and sashimi. You can order sets for groups, and it's worth trying the tuna and salmon rolls, fresh fish, vegetarian dishes, and other interesting items that will appeal to both connoisseurs and newcomers. They even have a kids' menu. The drink menu is modest, including beer, wine, freshly squeezed juices, and soda.
Visitors often come here for delicious and hearty dinners.
In their reviews, customers note the friendly staff, always eager to assist with menu choices. This is one of the best establishments in Bali in terms of price-quality ratio in its category. The average bill per person is around 80k - 120k. Taxes and service charges are 10 percent. Unfortunately, Warung Sushi Wasabi does not have a website or social media presence. However, they do have WhatsApp for placing orders (+62-823-4199-7600). You can check their menu below.
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