Children's playgrounds in Canggu and Berawa

Park Life Bali

Working hours: Mon-Fri 13:00-20:00 (for everyone),
Mon-Fri 09:00-20:00 (for club members),
Sat-Sun 8:00-20:00.
WhatsApp: +6281805113200.
The children's space Park Life Bali is a covered playground with numerous attractions and slides, an open area with swings, carousels, and a soccer field, as well as a cozy family restaurant.
This is a children's club, so opening for all visitors on weekdays starts at 13:00, and on weekends, Park Life Bali is open for everyone from 08:00. The cost of attending the daycare at Park Life Bali is 5,200,000 Indonesian rupiahs per month. Children from the age of 3 can attend the club. An educational program has been developed for them, offered for 5 days a week from 9:00 to 15:00. Extension until 17:00 is available for an additional cost.
Other terms of visiting Park Life Bali:
- One-time entrance fee of 150,000 Indonesian rupiahs per child (unlimited time, adults and children under one year enter for free).
- Monthly membership in the children's club for 1,250,000 Indonesian rupiahs (unlimited visits - this option is more advantageous if frequent visits are planned)
- Child under the care of an instructor (cost: 175,000 Indonesian rupiahs, each additional hour - 55,000 Indonesian rupiahs).
Parents have the opportunity to enjoy their time and relax on the premises of the family center, Park Life Bali. The restaurant's menu is diverse and offers a variety of options. Refreshing beverages such as beer, cider, cocktails, and wine are available. Guests can savor these drinks on the terrace or on the lawn, while admiring the Balinese sunset with a view of the rice fields.
This is a multifunctional family center that combines learning, entertainment, and care both indoors and outdoors. It is particularly relevant during the rainy season on the island.
Within the complex, you can host any celebration for your child. The staff at Park Life create an engaging program that takes into account both parents' and child's preferences. The cafe sets up a convenient area specifically for the birthday party group. Reserving an event can be done on the website under the "Birthday Party Celebrations" section.
The children's center offers a diverse program. Every Saturday for several weeks, themed days take place. For instance, there are days dedicated to cartoon characters or international holidays.
On the premises, there is a small zoo featuring two parrots and rabbits. You can keep track of upcoming event announcements on the website. According to the schedule, performances, movie screenings (in English), and various entertainment programs are held almost every day.
On Google Maps, the overall rating is 4.5 (206 reviews).
"It's a relatively small well-maintained center with a large staff. 175,000 for leaving a child with a nanny for a few hours? By Balinese standards, that seemed quite high to me. I didn't see them offer water to my child, and the activities were quite limited. There's a small covered playground with a few slides and a ball pit where they spend most of their time, then they do about 20-30 minutes of art and craft. That's it, I thought they could have drawn or done something else, but no, so I found 2 hours more than enough. My son enjoyed it, though he's very calm and fits into any place. The café was quite nice to sit and relax, although relaxing was difficult when a large group of kids arrived. Will I come back again, probably not."
"Very cool staff who genuinely love children and fully engage during work."
"Located in the Changgu area, this place is worth visiting. There are indoor and outdoor playgrounds with a variety of attractions. The food is also very tasty and reasonably priced. Overall, it's a very good place for little ones."
"Awesome indoor and outdoor playgrounds and clean food at a reasonable price... great taste! Their childcare services are also very good in terms of price and quality."
"Don't pay attention to the negative reviews. This is the best place we found to entertain our 3-year-old in Bali. The place is huge, with many play areas (indoors and outdoors), and the food was fantastic (pizza, chicken curry, pasta). 150,000 is very reasonable for a day of play - otherwise, people would have ordered a little water and used it. Keep it up, Park Life!"

Joon Canggu

Operating hours: 08:00-23:00
WhatsApp: +62 821-4460-1415
The playground at Joon Café Canggu is small, but it has an advantage over others with the presence of a pool. Entrance is free.  
The pool features inflatable toys and rings for children. Around the pool, there is an area with lounge chairs.
On the playground, there's a slide, climbing wall, swings, and the opportunity to play soccer or other games on a large green lawn.
The café's menu is very diverse and includes a section with kids' dishes. The price range includes: cappuccino - 32,000 Indonesian rupiahs, brownie - 30,000 Indonesian rupiahs, tuna salad - 55,000 Indonesian rupiahs, pepperoni pizza - 60,000 Indonesian rupiahs. A service charge and taxes of 15% are applicable in this restaurant.
One of the significant drawbacks of the venue is that it's open-air, lacking shade to escape the peak of heat. It's comfortable to be here only in the evening or spend time in the water frequently. The café overlooks rice fields, allowing for beautiful views during sunset.
"I was lucky to find this hidden gem in the Changgu area. We had excellent coffee and Benedict, to die for... They've combined local products and ingredients to create incredible fusion dishes. It's a place with a pool where the family can relax in Changgu."
"My favorite place, delicious drinks, tasty food, and very reasonable prices. Plus, a pool and a children's area. The best place in this area."

Nate’s bar

Operating hours: 07:00-22:00
A surfer's spot on the shores of the raging ocean. Here, there is a small playground for children: a slide, seesaw swings, and regular swings.
Drawback: the playground is not sheltered from the sun.
For parents, there's an opportunity to rent a surfboard here.
The café offers diverse and delicious dishes. The price range includes: cappuccino - 35,000 Indonesian rupiahs, English breakfast - 75,000 Indonesian rupiahs, watermelon juice - 35,000 Indonesian rupiahs, still water - 35,000 Indonesian rupiahs.
On Google Maps, the café has an overall rating of 4.5 (139 reviews).
"Atmosphere 10/10
Live music
Very delicious cuisine
Crazy alcoholic cocktails 😂
Not on the beach, no sand and wild wind."

Tamora Gallery

Operating hours: 8:00-22:00
Tamora Gallery is a shopping center in Changgu. The gallery is just a few minutes' walk from Berawa Beach. Here, you'll find numerous premium clothing boutiques, as well as a modern children's playground. Entrance to all areas is free.
The outdoor play area consists of a slide, swings, a skateboard park, and family food and beverage establishments. However, it can get quite hot during the day, so it's better to come in the evening.
Every Sunday from 9:00 to 13:00, workshops and children's creativity sessions are held. Movie screenings take place every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from 18:30 to 20:00. Children's workshops are held every Thursday from 16:00 to 18:00.
Acoustic sessions and live musical performances in various genres take place here every week. Information about upcoming thematic events can be found on the website.
As part of the children's space, Tamora Gallery's staff offers various activities, especially on Sundays, such as drawing and crafts.
Within the premises of Tamora Gallery, there are several music classes for professional children's lessons. Additionally, there's a small turtle farm. All children are welcome to interact with the turtles in the aquarium.
There are many different interesting clothing stores and children's toy shops. It's a very unique and appealing space.
"An ideal place to entertain a child or just let off energy. Lots of children gather here, making it a perfect spot for making friends, both for kids and adults. It seems like our son has made friends with all the kids in Bali thanks to this place. So, I genuinely recommend this place if you're looking for new connections or just want your child to interact with other kids."

Milk and Madu

Operating hours: 7:00-22:00
 Google Maps:
  1. Berawa Location
  2. Changu Location
WhatsApp: +62 851-027-81872,
+62 813-5380-6153
Milk and Madu has locations in Berawa and Changu. Both cafes are perfect for breakfast. Prices on the kids' menu are reasonable. They offer dumplings - 95,000 Indonesian rupiahs, cappuccino - 35,000 Indonesian rupiahs, Margherita pizza - 115,000 Indonesian rupiahs. The café charges a 16% service charge and taxes.
Every day from 15:00-18:00/21:00, there are happy hours. Every Tuesday and Sunday from 16:00 to 22:00, you can get two pizzas for the price of one. According to reviews, the pizza is very delicious. Live music nights are often held.
For children, there are small playgrounds featuring a slide and a children's complex with a bridge and climbing wall.
"Very nice café with a children's play area, partially covered with a tent! Since my child ate little due to the heat, we had enough fruit 😂 Avocado toast is perfect, and the dumplings are great."
"Cool place. Awesome cottage cheese pancakes. Fantastic breakfasts, in my opinion, one can be shared by two, they're so big. Very tasty lemongrass tea. I ordered a vegetarian bowl, couldn't finish such a huge portion, but it was delicious. There's a playground for kids and seating right next to it for parents. There are places with outlets for working on a laptop. The only downside for me as someone with a laptop is that it's very noisy. Quite loud. Always crowded, and in addition to that, there's loud music."

Brekkie Bali

Operating hours: Every day, from 7:00 to 19:00 Google Maps
Brekkie Bali - a new space with a large number of seating options. There's an outdoor area and an indoor one with air conditioning. Everywhere, you'll find comfortable tables, soft chairs, and sofas. Despite being located near the road, the establishment is not noisy.
The restaurant's children's room is quite spacious. Inside, there's a slide, balls, a Montessori area, tables for creative activities, and developmental toys. Supervisors are present in the playroom. Currently, entrance is free. In the near future, the playroom might operate on a paid basis.
The menu offers a wide variety of dishes, especially breakfast options. Price range: cappuccino - 45,000 Indonesian rupiahs, smoothie bowl - 75,000 rupiahs, smoked salmon and avocado toast with eggs - 115,000 Indonesian rupiahs. Taking into account taxes and service charges that are not included in the food and drink prices, the bill can add up to a substantial amount. A breakfast for one person here costs around 200,000 Indonesian rupiahs.
"A new place, beautiful. Children and their parents are happy. The prices are higher than usual. But 45k for a cappuccino??? With regular milk, not even oat or something..."
"Last week I went there with my son for breakfast. They have a kids' menu, and their croissants are the best. Their soy cappuccino is excellent."

Made's Warung Berawa

Operating hours: Every day from 11:00 to 21:00
WhatsApp: +6281239384754
An Indonesian cuisine restaurant with excellent reviews for its local dishes. There's a small shop with eco-products. There's also a large parking area for cars and motorcycles near the café.
The café has two modern children's playgrounds. The outdoor area features swings, a climbing wall, logs, a sandbox, soccer goals, and a slide - attractions suitable for all ages. Indoors with air conditioning, there are trampolines, a ball pit, a climbing wall, and numerous toys. Wearing socks in the children's room is mandatory.
Entry is paid, with one hour costing 25,000 Indonesian rupiahs. Childcare by a supervisor is available at 50,000 Indonesian rupiahs per hour. There's a monthly package option at 750,000 Indonesian rupiahs (includes 30 visits).
On weekends, the café hosts workshops for children aged one to ten. These workshops cover activities such as cooking and crafts. You can check the event schedule in advance on the café's Facebook page and reserve a spot for your child there.
Live music plays in the evening. You can book a table in advance through the restaurant's website.
On Google Maps, the café has a rating of 4.4 (652 reviews).
"Good place, very delicious rice in all nasi goreng dishes. I usually don't eat or like it, but here I order it, it's just delightful. The breakfasts are a bit weak in comparison to this rice."
"This is a really cool and great place for kids. Many long-time residents and winter visitors know it because even when it's very hot, the shade from old and tall trees blocks the sun. A simple and well-kept outdoor playground. But there's a trampoline, and that's really cool. Sturdy and good swings for little ones and older children. A slide and sand. There's also a climbing wall and logs. Soccer goals and a net/slide to test parents' nerves)). Cozy restaurant with seating options for all preferences - whether you want a couch or just chairs. And the thinnest and most delicious pizza on the island, certainly for me, even though I'm no pizza expert). I'm not a big fan of fruit bowls and the menu itself doesn't really focus on healthy and nutritious food. Sometimes there's an excess of oil or spices, but overall, great food if you're not fixated on salt and healthy living."

Finns Beach Club

Opening Hours: Daily from 06:00 AM to 09:00 PM
WhatsApp: +628113992017
Finns Beach Club is one of the popular beach clubs on the island. It features a vast area that includes a fitness center with a pool and sports facilities, a tennis center, a spa salon, 5 restaurants, a sushi bar, 9 bars, and 4 pools.
For children, there are several types of entertainment options available: Splash Water Park, Bounce Trampoline Center, Strike Ten Pin Bowling, and Cubby House Kids Club.
The Cubby House Kids Club is available for children aged 2 to 12 and offers a wide variety of quality toys and entertainment. Children under 2 years old must be accompanied by 1 adult inside.
The Kids Club operates daily from 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM. A 2-hour pass costs 175,000 Indonesian Rupiah. A 5-visit pass costs 180,000 Indonesian Rupiah per visit and includes healthy snacks and drinks. A 10-visit pass for 4 hours costs 200,000 Indonesian Rupiah per visit and also includes snacks and drinks. Cubby House offers multi-hour packages: 3 hours for 280,000 Rupiah, 4 hours for 350,000 Rupiah, 5 hours for 399,000 Rupiah, and 6 hours for 430,000 Rupiah.
There's a special offer as well. For 200,000 Rupiah, you can spend one hour in the Kids Club and one hour in the Bounce Trampoline Center. You can book any activities on the website.
Prices for visiting the Splash Water Park are: adults - 400,000 Rupiah, children aged 3-12 years - 270,000 Rupiah, and entry is free for seniors and infants.
Within the Cubby House Kids Club area, there's an open playground, a cinema hall, a library, an area for infants, an arts and crafts zone, a dollhouse, a computer class, and a Lego construction area. Birthday parties for children can also be organized here. Daily movie screenings take place, and the schedule is available on the website.

Pure Boutique

Working hours: daily from 09:00 to 21:00
WhatsApp: +62 813-3913-4650
A cozy small bakery offering healthy food and beverages. The menu features dishes made exclusively from plant-based ingredients and is gluten-free. There is a wide variety of desserts available, with many positive reviews particularly praising the macarons and almond cookies. In addition to this, the menu includes Viennese waffles, porridge, smoothies, a selection of salads, as well as delicious coffee and a variety of teas.
The café has limited seating. The interior has a European style and offers views of rice fields. There is a small children's area in the establishment. Children can experience being a pastry chef here, bake desserts, and purchase ingredients. Additionally, there are a few toys and books available for them.
There is a clothing and accessories store located nearby.
Overall rating on Google maps: 4.7 (42 reviews)
"The macarons here are simply divine 😍 There's a children's corner for kids to play while mom enjoys a cup of coffee and desserts."

Little Ripper Bali

Opening hours: daily from 7:00 AM to 4:30 PM
WhatsApp: +62 821-4728-1899
The cafe has a homely atmosphere, as if it's a cottage in the countryside.
On the second and third floors of Little Ripper Bali, there is a children's space designed like a library. For the little ones, there are rocking chairs, toys, and books available.
Price range: Cappuccino - 30,000 Indonesian rupiahs, Breakfast Burrito - 65,000 Indonesian rupiahs, Fish Burger - 78,000 Indonesian rupiahs, Thai Salad - 55,000 Indonesian rupiahs.
They offer a kids' menu as well. Fish Burger - 50,000 Indonesian rupiahs, Egg Sandwich - 35,000 Indonesian rupiahs, Pasta - 35,000 Indonesian rupiahs.
On Google Maps, the establishment has a rating of 4.7 (194 reviews).
"Cozy, delicious, beautiful! A very cool space for kids on the 2nd and 3rd floors!"
"Very cute place. The coffee was excellent. The kids' room on the second floor is perfect for a library!"
Review from Kamilla Psychologist:
A great playroom in the Citadines Berawa hotel in Canggu.
Review from Tanchik:
Yesterday we visited Park Life Bali, not bad! It's a decent café, free entry for adults, and 150,000 for kids gets you in for the whole day. They have both an outdoor area with swings and such, and an indoor area with slides for different age groups, even a small soccer field.
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