Extension of eVOA (visa on arrival) to Denpasar

In this article, we will explain how to extend your visa upon arrival at the Denpasar office without the involvement of agents and the like.
To extend your visa, you need to visit the immigration office three times. You can choose the date for the first visit (which depends on the validity of your visa), and the dates for the next two visits will be scheduled by the immigration office staff.
It's important to find out the address of the immigration center that suits your place of residence in advance.
To extend your visa, you will need your passport (original), a copy of your passport (main page + visa page), and a return ticket from Bali (must be in printed form).
1. Submission of documents for visa extension
The first visit to the immigration office should take place no later than 7 working days before the expiration of your initial visa.
Getting to the office is quite easy (location). There is free parking available for both motorcycles and cars on the center's premises.
The visa department is located in the second building (see photo), with the entrance on the left side.
The visa department operates from 8:00 AM, but on Fridays, it may open at 9:00 AM sometimes. Please arrive at 8:00 AM because the first two visits are typically on a first-come, first-served basis.
To access the visa department, enter the building, turn right immediately, and walk down the corridor to the end. The visa department is located on the first floor, and there is a restroom nearby.
When you approach the building, you may see a large queue of local residents; don't worry, this is not your queue. You should go inside the building right away!
After you have entered the hall, immediately go to the terminal (see the photo above) and click "APPLICATION"
The terminal will give you a ticket
"A" signifies that you have come to submit documents, and the numbers indicate your place in the electronic queue. Your queue number will be displayed on the screen and announced over the speakers in English. Document submission takes place at windows 1 and 2.
When your turn comes, approach the designated counter and inform the staff member that you need to extend your visa. They will likely ask you about the area where you are residing, so it's a good idea to know in advance which immigration center you need.
Then, they will provide you with an application form (2 sheets of paper). The form should be filled out with a black pen, and it's advisable to bring your own pen since many pens at the center might not work. There are writing desks available near the terminal where you can complete the form. Additionally, there is a table with drinking water nearby, and it is complimentary.
After filling out and signing the application form, the office staff will collect all your documents: including the application form, a copy of your passport (first page + visa page), the printed ticket from Bali, and your original passport.
After verifying all your documents, you will be called again and given an invitation (see photo) for the second visit (the date of the second visit is specified on the invitation; make sure not to lose it). During this second visit, you will have your photo taken and fingerprinted.
You can make photocopies of your passport and print your ticket in advance or near the immigration office. To do this, you can exit the building and make two turns (see photos below). After that, between the warungs (small food stalls), you will find a printer (please note that printing is only possible by sending it via email; you cannot print from a USB drive or other devices).
2. Payment, Photos, and Fingerprints.
We recommend arriving again at 8:00 AM for the second visit.
Head directly to the third window (no need to join the queue or take a ticket from the terminal). Hand over your invitations (see the photo above) to the staff and receive receipts for the fee payment (355,000 IDR). Payment is made outside, in a van located in the covered parking area opposite the main entrance of the building.
Once you have paid the fee, return to the same window inside the building and hand the receipt to the staff member. They will then provide you with a token for the photo and fingerprinting process.
The queue for photos is displayed on the screen and announced over the speakers. The customer's number is shown on another monitor, located just behind the terminal, while the office is situated immediately to the left of the terminal.
The procedure is quick and usually takes just a few minutes. Several staff members work simultaneously in the office, which helps expedite the process. After completing the procedure, the staff member who took your photo will provide you with a new invitation (please make sure not to lose it as it will be needed) for the third and final visit (the date and time of the visit will be indicated on the invitation).
3. Take Your Passport with the Visa.
The final visit is scheduled for the afternoon (from 13:00 onwards). You can go directly to window 3 without queuing and hand over the invitation (see the photo above) to the staff member. After a short wait, you will be called, and your passport with the new visa will be returned to you.
In conclusion, extending a VOA visa independently is very simple and fast. It's essential to submit your documents in advance (no later than 10 days before the expiration of your first visa). The key is to be prepared and wear a smile.
We hope this article helps you with the process!
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