How to renew your electronic visa on arrival (eVoA). Instructions

If you have already independently obtained an electronic visa on arrival (eVOA) and decided to extend your stay in Indonesia, you will need to extend your visa. For this, you will need a device with internet access and a bank card, and to expedite the process, we have prepared a detailed instruction for you.
The opportunity to extend becomes available 14-15 days before the visa expiration date (sometimes earlier). To extend eVOA, you do not need a return ticket, which is required for offline extensions at the immigration office.

How to extend a visa?

So, go to the website, where you applied for eVOA. Log in to your personal account, which you created when applying for the visa. Don't forget to check the box "I'm not a robot."
Once on the main page, locate the "EXTEND" option in the menu and click on it. In the list, find your active eVOA. If you're doing this for the first time, there should be only one entry. Select it. There's no need to fill out any forms; all the data will be automatically transferred from your personal account.
Click the EXTEND button to the right of your current visa.
Next, we check the address, if it has changed, we change it to a valid one accordingly. At the bottom of the page, check the box that you agree with the terms and click the SUBMIT button.
A pop-up window will ask you if you want to continue - press the YES button
On the next page we check all our data, if everything is correct, then proceed to payment by clicking on the MAKE A PAYMENT button below. Please note that you will have 23 hours to pay.
Next, you need to enter your credit card details as shown in the screenshot below. After entering the information, click on the red button "BAYAR SAKARANG" (Pay Now) at the bottom.
We wait for the SMS with the confirmation code from your bank and enter it in the "KODE OTENTIKASI" field. Then, click OK.
After successful payment, return to your personal account in the EXTEND section.
On the right in the "STATUS" section, you will see the message "PAID" on a green background, indicating successful payment. Below this message, there is a button labeled "e-ITK"; clicking on it will allow you to view your visa.
We recommend that you print this document because... When you depart from the country, you will not have a note in your passport indicating that you have extended your visa.

What to do if there is no "Extend" button or you cannot find how to print?

If you have already paid but cannot find your visa, proceed to step 6.
If you have not yet paid but cannot see the "Extend" button, follow these steps:
1. Click on the Transaction Number on the My Application page.
Let's call this set of letters and numbers NUMBER1.
2. Change "application" to "Extend" in the URL. At the end of the URL, add /add
Press Enter. This will open a new page with a Submit button at the bottom. Click on it. Then follow the instructions.
3. When the "Make a payment" button appears, look at the URL in the browser's address bar. The long string of numbers and letters should change. Let's call this NUMBER2. Copy the entire string and paste it into a notepad, Word document, notes, or any other place. We will need it.
4. Make the payment and check the Extend menu after the successful payment. Your extension should appear there. If not, proceed to step 5.
5. If your NUMBER changed in step 3, we will now insert this NUMBER2 into the address.
We will take the browser's URL and add /print at the end. In the end, it should look something like
This will result in our PDF file, similar to the last image in the instructions above.
6. IMPORTANT: If your address did not change in step 3 OR you did the /extend.../add process multiple times and clicked the Submit button each time - in this case, the NUMBER2 will be generated differently each time. We need to find the correct one.
Go to your browser's history. It's quite simple on a computer. Just press Ctrl-H, and your browsing history will open. Look for something similar to this image.
And here is the line immediately before FinPay (further down in the history, but it was just before FinPay) - this is what we need. This is where you will find the sought-after NUMBER2.
You may notice that there are many different numbers there - this is because there were multiple attempts to pay, and each time NUMBER2 was generated differently. We need the one where the payment was successful.
Once you find the correct number, simply proceed to step 5 - copy it into your browser and add /print to the end of this number.
If you are doing this on a phone - it's a bit more complicated. You may not see the addresses, most likely. In this case, simply find the relevant line near FinPay (just before FinPay in terms of time). Copy this line into the browser address bar. You will see the full URL, and you can modify it there - add /print to the end.
7. TIP: Download the PDF with your extension to your phone (you can print it later). You can also email it to yourself.
I also recommend saving the final line where you added print to your notepad. With this, you can revisit it in the future to access your extension document.
You can also email it to yourself along with the actual PDF document.
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