Diving equipment in Bali

Diving in Bali is a highly popular activity, and if it has become more than just a casual hobby for you, you may want to consider purchasing your own diving equipment or specific components. Despite the fact that diving centers invest in reliable gear from trusted brands, having equipment tailored to your preferences, from manufacturers and within price ranges of your choice, can be quite satisfying.
In this article, you will find descriptions of all the major diving shops in Bali. Of course, this is in addition to online platforms like Tokopedia, Shopee, and Lazada.


Ocean King Dive Shop Bali

A large store with an impressive selection of diving goods is located in Sanur. They sell everything from regulators to underwater scooters. They also have stand-up paddleboards, plastic boats, GPS navigators, radios, binoculars, and even essential items for every diver, such as a child-sized CPR mannequin for practice. They also offer products for freediving, as well as spearfishing guns.
In general, there are many products and brands, so you won't get lost in the variety. The website features a convenient search function and live chat with consultants. They offer delivery both on the island (instant) and beyond. Prices for goods may be slightly higher than on online platforms, but generally reasonable.
WhatsApp: +62 878-6105-0111

Bali Dive Shop

Geographically, Ocean King store is a neighbor. This is convenient because you can take a walk to another store and compare their range of products and prices. This store offers used diving equipment for sale, but the inventory is not regularly updated online, so you'll need to contact them via WhatsApp or visit the store in person. The website is somewhat intricate and has occasional glitches. For example, it's not immediately clear that you can scroll down after clicking on "All categories" to see the full range of products the store offers. However, they do have a wide variety of items for freediving, including masks, fins, buoys, and wetsuits. Traditional scuba divers won't be disappointed either.
One notable aspect is the large selection of underwater cameras, lenses, mounts, and cases for them. In general, it's another store where you can come out fully equipped as a diver. The prices of their products are generally reasonable compared to online platforms, but sometimes they may be slightly more expensive by a few million rupiahs. Make sure to compare before making a purchase. It's also worth remembering that resolving issues with a purchase is often easier in an offline store.
WhatsApp: 085-4018-8192
Phone: 0361-4480056

Scuba Gear Indonesia

This is an excellent store with a decent selection of products, periodic discounts, and special offers. The prices of the equipment are usually quite reasonable. Of course, before making a purchase, you can compare prices online. They offer brands like Tusa, IST, Problue, Cressi, Beuchat, Deepgear, Mares, Amscud, Aqualung, and Suunto.
Phone\WhatsApp: +62813-5333-3387

iDiveshop Bali

This store offers very competitive prices and significant discounts. However, the selection for some items, like wetsuits, computers, and BCDs, is quite limited. Unfortunately, many products are out of stock, but you can inquire about the items you're interested in via WhatsApp. The online store on the website is decent, but to check if a product is in stock, you need to visit the product's page, which may not be very convenient. It might be easier to contact the seller via WhatsApp and ask any questions you have. You can also use the mobile apps for Android and iOS to make purchases in the store.
Phone/whatsapp: +62 812-286-192-52

Under The Sea Dive Shop

This is a small store with a decent selection of fins, wetsuits, masks, and spearfishing equipment.
WhatsApp: 0819 9978 4461

All 4 Diving Bali

  This is not only a shop but also a dive center with all related courses and tours. The selection in the store is satisfactory, with all the necessary diving equipment items available. Prices, like in most stores, are higher than on online platforms, ranging from 200,000 to several million.
Phone: +628113868666

Dive Sport

This store also has an outlet located in Sanur. It offers a wide selection of Scuba Pro products and underwater flashlights from UK Light. The website is outdated, and there is no full catalog of products online. You can call or message them on WhatsApp to inquire about the available items. Here's an approximate price range for some products in the store: masks starting from 340,000 (Deepgear), snorkels from 130,000 (Deepgear), buoyancy compensators from 3,342,000 (Scuba Triton), fins from 225,000, and wetsuits from 1,150,000.
Phone\whatsapp: 0361283463

Master Selam

This store primarily features the Aqua Lung brand, as well as Suunto computers and Bauer compressors. They offer a wide selection of brands, including many of the latest models. You can check prices and purchase equipment directly on Tokopedia. Keep in mind that delivery from stores in Bali can be done on the same day, with the "instant" delivery option available. I've verified that the prices are quite competitive. For example, I couldn't find the Suunto D5 computer cheaper elsewhere from a reputable seller.


Lautan Berkat

This store offers a variety of compressors from brands like Bauer, Poseidon, and Coltri, along with servicing and spare parts for them. They also provide a fairly wide range of diving equipment featuring brands like AmScud, Cressi, Mares, Suunto, and others. While their website may not be very user-friendly and doesn't provide pricing information, you'll need to communicate directly with them via WhatsApp or phone to inquire about details and prices.
Phone: +62361704802, +62361704804,
WhatsApp: +6281353500531

Kuta Dive Shop

This small shop in Kuta offers a decent selection of masks and snorkels from brands like Ist, Scubapro, Cressi, Deepgear, Gopro, and Aqwatec. Here are some approximate price ranges for their products:
  • Masks from IDR 400,000
  • Fins from IDR 450,000
  • Snorkels from IDR 300,000
  • BCDs (buoyancy compensators) from IDR 6,000,000
  • Wetsuits from IDR 1,500,000
  • Regulators from IDR 6,000,000
  • Underwater scooters from IDR 4,000,000
Phone: +62361- 766 888
WhatsApp: +6282146060607
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