Diabetes. What does a person with diabetes need in Bali?

In this article, we will tell you WHAT A PERSON WITH DIABETES NEEDS TO TAKE WITH THEM when TRAVELING to Bali!
The main rule: take everything you need and take plenty so you don't have to search for it on the island.
😎1) Common medications:
In Bali, you can also catch a cold. Rain, humidity, air conditioning. Food poisoning is possible. You can get overheated in the sun. You can fall off a bike or get injured. You can inhale allergenic pollen. You may get bitten, etc.
Therefore, you need medications for:
- cold and fever;
- various pains;
- poisoning, vomiting, diarrhea;
- wounds, scratches;
- bites, burns;
- allergies;
- viruses, herpes;
- ear inflammation;
- eye inflammation.
Be sure to check the expiration date of medications!
When transporting medications across the border, it is recommended to carry them in their original packaging.
😎2) For diabetics:
- Certificate (in English) stating that you have diabetes and need to receive insulin. It should include the necessary insulin doses, as well as the international and trade names.
All the insulin you bring with you on your trip should be carried in your hand luggage, as insulin should not be heated or frozen.
- Glucose meters. It's better to have two.
- Fresh spare batteries for glucose meters. You can buy them in Bali, but it may take time to find them. Flat batteries CR 2032 are sold in an electronics store (Jl. Raja Canggu/Jl. Pantai Batu Bolong).
- Test strips for glucose meters, with a reserve.
- Long-acting and short-acting insulin (the ones you use). Insulin is available at Kimio Farma Apotek pharmacy. 
- Needles for insulin pens.
- Syringes.
- Cooling cases for insulin.
- Moist towelettes for hands.
😎3) If you have an insulin pump:
- Infusion sets: reservoir and catheter.
- Spare batteries for the pump and charger for the sensor.
- Sensors.
- Sensor charger.
- Sensor patches (with a large supply).
- Long-acting insulin (for the entire trip).
- Pump case.
- Spare clip for the pump.
- Lace garter (convenient for wearing the pump at a disco).
- Identification. An identifier indicating that you have diabetes. A bracelet, badge, or card with the inscription.
Stay healthy! May everything always be at your fingertips and on time.
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