Clubs worth visiting in Seminyak

Seminyak until recently was a quiet place. Just a few years ago there was practically nothing here. However, the increase in the flow of tourists has provoked a very active growth in the number of bars, restaurants and clubs. Of course, it is not as noisy here as in Kuta, but there are several places that we would definitely recommend visiting.
La Favela Bali
Welcome to the jungle in the heart of Seminyak!
The club resembles a long-forgotten colonial building, nestled right in the midst of tropical forests. Meticulous attention to detail, antique and retro furniture of all shapes and textures, plants growing even where you least expect them, old bicycles, and a partially dilapidated Volkswagen - all create an unforgettable and charming atmosphere in the club.
During the day, the club operates as a restaurant, and in the evenings, it transforms into a trendy nightclub. Themed parties are often held here.
La Plancha
If you feel like you're not looking particularly presentable today but still want to hang out, welcome to La Plancha. It's a beach club, and there's no strict dress code here. If you arrive early, enjoy the sunset with a glass of good wine or a serving of tapas. Upstairs on the terrace, there's a bar with drinks.
After sunset, DJs start playing, their main task being to connect with the audience and play what they like. Here, there are very intimate parties, warm sand, and good drinks. The bar is open until 1 a.m.
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