Cheap guesthouses in Jimbaran

Dear readers! Remember that the price of accommodation when booking depends on seasonal variations, one-time discounts, promotions, hot deals, your personal discounts in booking systems and many other factors.
If you are going to look for accommodation in a gesta for a long period of time, it makes sense to book a room in it for a couple of days, live there, experience the pros and cons and ask the owner for a discount for a long-term stay. If you talk directly to the owner of the gesta, there is a chance to get a discount in the neighborhood of 10-40% of the amount received by simply multiplying the cost of a day's stay by 30.
If you have any new information on the gestas mentioned in this article or any other good deals, please share your findings.
Pros: Rooms are clean, well maintained, everywhere cleaned, tidy. Clean linens, towels. Own kitchen, refrigerator. All at the highest level. Very friendly and smiling staff. To the nearest beach 2,5 km, not far there is a warungi and supermarket. You can take a bike on site. Great kitchen, you can cook. There is oil, salt, coffee, tea. Supermarket 1 km away.
Cons: Passage to the toilet through the shower, the floor is always wet, feet after the toilet too. If the next room smokes neighbors, the smoke pulls into another room. Behind the fence is a road with a turn, even at night passing drivers honk without ceasing.

Rooms from Rs. 175,000

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Pros: Beautiful grounds, friendly staff, nice pool and delicious simple breakfast. There is also a store with good prices and Balangan beach nearby. The room is very clean. Nearby there is a store and laundry 60 rubles/kg of laundry, very convenient and inexpensive...The bed in the room is comfortable, closet for clothes is not very, designed only for hangers. There is a safe.
Cons: Toilet and shower separate from the room. Entrance from the balcony. For those who like to sleep and walk in the room naked, not very convenient.
Pros: The location is great, the hostess Sonia is very helpful and friendly! The common lounge area is a great place for conversation and fun. The bed, pillow is comfortable and the curtains create enough privacy. Very nice garden and mini pool.
Cons: There may be interruptions in the hot water supply. During the rainy season there may be a damp smell in the rooms. There are no restaurants with super cheap food in the neighborhood.
Kos 168
Pros: Many rooms, different class. Price from 1.800.000 rupiah per month and from 180.000 rupiah per day. There is a swimming pool, but it is not very clean.
Cons: Can be noisy. Internet is slow.
The place is from the same owner as Kampung 168. If you have money, it is better to go to Kampung 168.
Pros: Refrigerator, air conditioner, kitchenette, internet, security, hot water, swimming pool. Fast internet.
3,800,000 rupiah per month.

Pros: Convenient location, close to the intersection where.
McDonald's, and at the same time in the back, on a small street, so it's quiet and peaceful. It's not really a guesthouse, it's a hotel. A hotel with proper furnishings and service, but constantly empty, apparently because it's hard to find, so you can get a good discount. There are several types of rooms, including tweens. The rooms have air conditioning, refrigerator, TV, sofa, coffee-tea, nice and cozy, there is a pool, on the first floor kitchen, you can ask for dishes.

A day is 500 thousand rupees with breakfast, for a week we bargained for 200 thousand rupees a day for two people without breakfast, a month - 4 million. You can rent a scooter from them.

Dream@Jimbaran Studios - 7.6
Pros: Refrigerator, air conditioning, internet, security, hot water, swimming pool. Location for those who consider jimbaran as a point of departure for sightseeing on a bike, if you want a stupid beach, then not in this hotel, on foot oooooooo far away.the second plus - the staff, the guys are positive, try to help, advise, tell.
Cons: Not very clean bathroom, towels are tortured. Location far from the beach, bad wi-fi, ants, mosquitoes.

500 dollars per month.
Rp 300,000 per night for daily bookings.
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