Bali Barat National Park

Location of the park in Bali:
Bali Barat National Park in Indonesia is a stunning nature reserve located in the northwest of the island of Bali.
Covering an area of 190 square kilometers, with an additional 580 square kilometers as a protected zone nearby, it constitutes around 10% of Bali's total area. Bali Barat was established in the mid-20th century to protect the unique local fauna from poaching, as the Balinese tigers were eradicated here in the 1930s, making them extinct.
The park's nature is incredibly diverse, featuring tropical forests, savannahs, lowland forests, and mountainous forests, including dense mangrove forests. In the northern part lies the Prapat Agung peninsula and the small Menjangan Island, a popular snorkeling destination. The highest mountains in the park are Patas (1412 meters) and Merbuk (1388 meters).
The avifauna of Bali Barat is unique, with approximately 160 species of wild birds, including the extremely rare Bali Starling. As of 2001, only six birds of this species remained worldwide, and scientists are making tremendous efforts to conserve and increase the population of Bali Starlings.
To reach the park, most visitors travel from Lovina, which takes a little over an hour. All visitors must register at one of the two offices, and the official ticket price is 300,000 Indonesian Rupiahs. Guides for park excursions can also be arranged at the offices.
There are essentially two activity options in the park: hiking trails or snorkeling around Menjangan Island. While it is formally required to hire a guide for park hikes, this rule is often disregarded. Notable trails include the Tegal Promah Trail, a two-hour route that is not too challenging but offers opportunities to spot various birds. Another option is the Gunung Klatakan Trail in the southeast, a five-hour route that is more challenging but also more interesting.
Snorkeling near Menjangan is considered one of the best in Bali, with calm waters and rich marine life.
Dive sites around Menjangan:
 Menjangan island 
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