A Foreigner was Detained with 200 Grams of Cocaine at Bali Airport

Customs officers at Bali airport detained a Ukrainian with the initials R.O., who attempted to smuggle 200 grams of cocaine. The 28-year-old foreigner was transferred to the Bali police narcotics control unit for further investigation.
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R.O. was caught after passing through an x-ray machine at the airport. According to police reports, his behavior had been quite suspicious prior to this. Officers decided to search him and found 200 grams of cocaine, cleverly packaged inside the traveler's sandals. R.O. was then taken to the Bali police station for questioning. He had arrived in Bali on a tourist visa. However, since illegal substances were found in his possession, it appears he will now have to spend his vacation in the Bali police lockup.
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During questioning, the detainee admitted to buying the cocaine from a friend in Ukraine and planned to use it for recreation in Bali. Further investigation revealed that the offender also works as a DJ at a club in Petitenget and frequently flies in and out of Bali. However, he had not aroused suspicion during previous flights. Now, there is suspicion that this individual is a cocaine dealer.
During a search of his villa, police found a suitcase containing small scales. Inside one of the bags were plastic packaging bags and a small spoon with remaining white powder. Authorities are currently planning to conduct an investigation at the club where the detainee played. They hope to determine if he was part of the staff and how often he worked there.
Sources: nusabalijawapos
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