A Foreigner Beat Up an Indonesian for Asking to Move his Parked Vehicle

A foreigner attacked a local resident in the Legian area of Kuta. The aggressor became furious when asked to move his parked car. The reason for the request was quite simple - the car was blocking the victim's exit.
Photo: nusabali
Indonesian M. Hendra Kurniawan, 38, returned from work and entered a minimarket to buy cigarettes and coffee. Upon leaving the store, the victim discovered that his car was blocked by another vehicle. This was despite the fact that the parking lot was completely empty and there were no other cars on it. Meanwhile, the foreigner, the driver of the car, was talking on the phone.
"I immediately spoke up and asked him to move his car because I wanted to leave. After that, I got into my car. Suddenly, the enraged foreigner approached me and forced me to get out of the car. He seemed displeased with being asked to move his car," explained Hendra.
The man began to beat him. The victim sustained injuries to his face and left shoulder. "At that moment, I did not resist because I was afraid of escalation," said the man, originally from Banyuwangi, a city in East Java.
After the assault, the foreigner immediately left. The victim promptly reported the incident to the Kuta police.
The police have footage from the minimarket's surveillance cameras. However, the nationality and other information about the attacker are still unknown.
Sources: nusabalicompas
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