Zibiru Restaurant

Type of place
Nestled in a picturesque setting, this venue offers authentic Italian cuisine, freshly baked goods, and fragrant coffee ideal for breakfast.
The atmosphere is enchanting with its thoughtful design, healthy gourmet offerings, cozy ambiance, and a quaint garden.
It doubles as a grocery store where homemade Italian treats like in-house cured meats, island-produced soft cheeses, imported hard cheeses from Italy, and freshly baked breads and pastries can be savored.
All dishes, including pasta, sauces, and bread, are made from scratch, with organic vegetables and herbs sourced from their garden in Bedugul ensuring quality.
Indulge in the essence of Dolce Vita with a cup of coffee paired with delightful Italian croissants like Cornetto and Bomba, embellished with Nutella, custard, or homemade jam.
Don't miss trying their signature dishes like Uovo Campagna and homemade pasta options, recommended by Italians for their authentic flavors.
Complete the experience with their exquisite Isola wines, crafted from Italian grapes grown in Bali, available in white, rosé, or red—the rosé is particularly outstanding.
Prices exclude taxes, adding a 16% surcharge.