Swimming Pool at "HARRIS Hotel & Residences Sunset Road"

Type of place
Another hotel pool on Sunset Road. It is available to guests of the “Rai Fitness” gym (which is 100 meters from the hotel).
A monthly pass costs 1.2 million rupiahs (gym and sauna included). If you prefer a one-time payment, you can go straight to the reception at the HARRIS Hotel and Residences and get a day pass for the pool for 30,000 rupiahs. But towels are not included.
A package with a towel and a refreshing drink costs 50,000. The pool is less than 25 meters long, with warm water. Depth is about 1.3 meters.
Overall, not a bad option. However, note that some rooms have direct access to the pool. So, if a few people decide to jump from their beds into the water in the morning, you're unlikely to set any records in the 200-meter swim.