Lv8 Resort Hotel

Type of place
The hotel pool at Berawa is the longest we found in Canggu. Staff don't know the exact length, but it feels like 30-35 meters. There are no lanes, but guests swim in all directions.
Drawbacks:- The width of the pool allows you to pass other guests, but during training, you have to constantly remember that you're not alone;- It gets quite crowded on weekends;- The water is warmer than ideal for sports swimming.
Advantages:- Length;- Depth of 1.7m;- Children's area with a depth of 0.7m;- Ocean view.
If you're not a guest of the hotel, there's a deposit required to use the pool (minimum amount to spend at the café).
Prices: Sunbed for one person (includes a towel):-Weekdays: 100,000 IDR-Weekends: 150,000 IDR
The café menu by the pool is diverse, although the prices are higher than average. So it won't be hard to spend the required amount, especially if you come not only to swim but also to sunbathe after your workout.
Summary: The pool itself is great for sports swimming, but the beach club atmosphere leaves its mark. Additionally, the pool opens only at 9 AM. It's not suitable for those who are used to early training.