Type of place
Phone: +62 811 138008
Telegram: @OCTO_SCHOOL
Russian-speaking school and kindergarten in the south of Ubud.
The large OCTOkids area includes playgrounds and sports fields, including a soccer and volleyball field, a pool, and a petting zoo.
OCTOkids has its own culinary area, adapted for Russians, with a buffet and options for vegetarian, gluten-free, and lactose-free meals.
OCTOkids provides a natural environment for child development.
Teachers help children become independent through special activities and involvement in daily routines. Particular attention is given to basic self-care skills. During these activities, teachers identify and develop each child's talents. The education is conducted in Russian and English.
What teachers do with children at OCTOkids:
Teach independence
Develop initiative and responsibility
Develop emotional intelligence
Teach children to understand themselves, others, and how to apologize, forgive, and find compromises
Teach care for others
Work in the garden and care for animals in the local petting zoo
Conduct developmental activities; Teach swimming and water safety
The kindergarten actively develops a parent club that hosts lectures, seminars, and bonding events.
OCTOkids kindergarten welcomes children aged 1.5 to 6 years.
*There is an option for overnight stays on weekdays. A transfer service with a Russian-speaking driver is available.