Bali Hati International School

Type of place
Bali Hati School is a kindergarten, primary, and middle school located in Ubud.
It offers a comfortable learning environment with educational programs that align with the concept of 'creating joyful learning'.
The school focuses on character development and does not prioritize academic values, encouraging the potential within each student.
Communication and instruction are conducted in English. The program includes swimming, cooking classes, dance, yoga, mathematics, science, and more. A school bus service is available for student transportation.
Several age groups ranging from three to 13 years old attend the institution.
Educational Programs:
Taman Hati Playgroup and Kindergarten has many great programs, namely the English for Communication program, which encourages children to speak English at an early stage. Other pluses are field trips (exposing children to real life, both educationally and socially), swimming class, computer/technology class, healthy eating, cooking class, dance class.  
The preschool uses the Indonesian national curriculum, enriched with current and high-quality programs from Bali Hati's primary school, focusing more on unlocking each student's potential. The full-day school system (Monday through Friday) enhances the learning experience under the supervision of teachers from morning till evening.