Pura Paluang Temple

Nusa Penida
Type of place
The temple is truly beautiful and has an interesting history. There are two stone cars here that appeared before real cars arrived on the island. No one knows where they came from. But many locals hear honks and engine sounds at night coming from this sacred place. Near the temple, there is a car, and locals often hear honks at night, even though there are no actual cars. It's mysterious!
The place is not far from the port, and there are always temple devotees coming and going.
One of the unique temples of Nusa Penida. The place is clean, and there is a small kiosk in front of the temple. We recommend reading the temple's history before visiting this amazing place.
There are many monkeys around the temple. We recommend keeping valuable items in your bags.
The temple's opening hours may vary depending on public holidays.
You need to wear a sarong to enter the temple. Please arrange this in advance.