Besakih Great Temple

Type of place
Pura Besakih Temple is the main Hindu temple complex on the island. It consists of 22 separate temples that ascend in terraces along the foothills of Mount Agung.
Mount Agung and the 'Mother Temple' Pura Besakih are considered the island's main shrines. The complex also includes facilities for monks, farm buildings, granaries, cockfighting arenas, signal towers, sculptures of Shiva, Bhairava, Vishnu, and altars to the deities. Due to high humidity and frequent clouds, the structures are so overgrown with moss and greenery that they appear almost magical.
Ordinary tourists and foreigners can only go up the main staircase to the first level of the temple complex. Hindus with offerings coming to pray may enter the inner courtyard of the temple. Each temple in Besakih has its own purpose. Some are community temples, others are caste or clan temples. Many of them are only accessible to certain groups of people.
The Pura Besakih temple complex is divided into several courtyards. The entrance to the first courtyard is through traditional Balinese 'split gates' called candi bentar.
In the second courtyard are farm buildings and statues of gods. According to local beliefs, this is where the gods come to receive offerings and gifts.
Between the first two courtyards lies a series of magnificent pyramidal towers.