Tanah Lot

Type of place
Tanah Lot Temple is one of the nine main sacred temples of Bali. It is under UNESCO protection. Thousands of tourists visit daily to see this amazing place.
The temple is built on a small islet, which is separated from the mainland by the sea during high tide. Only when the water is low can you go inside, however, tourists can only wander at the foot of the temple. Only Hindu believers are allowed inside.
According to an ancient legend, the Tanah Lot Temple was built by the Hindu brahmin Nirartha in the 15th century. The name can be translated as "land in the water." The path to the place was guided by a divine light emanating from a spring at the foot of the rock. The locals initially chased Nirartha away, but during one of his meditations, he moved part of the rock into the sea with his thoughts. This spring has been preserved to this day and is considered sacred. The water from it is believed to be healing. Every Hindu considers it their duty to drink at least a couple of sips. According to legend, the temple is guarded by poisonous sea snakes from evil spirits and uninvited guests. The part about the snakes might actually be true, as banded sea kraits, whose venom can kill a person within minutes, are often found in coastal waters.
Not far from the temple itself along the shore, there are two viewing platforms. Take the time to walk to them. Fantastic photos will be your great reward. Additionally, you will also find small temples and many souvenirs there.
You won't have any problems with souvenirs here. The souvenir shops around Tanah Lot occupy a much larger area than the temple and the viewing platforms combined. The paths to the temple lead through the stalls and meander so that you visit as many of them as possible. It's best to visit the temple at sunset; it will be very hot during the day. You can get to the temple by scooter, taxi, or by bus with a tour group. You can buy a tour that includes a visit to Tanah Lot at any travel agency.