Moana Fish Eatery

Type of place
Moana is a standout family restaurant offering delightful Polynesian cuisine amidst a fading tradition of family-owned eateries.
Named after the Polynesian word for "sea" or "ocean," Moana stands out with its distinct fish-focused menu, diverging from typical Indonesian fare.
Their dishes highlight quality fish prepared naturally, without overpowering spices or sauces, using homemade ingredients like coconut milk.
Catering to guests' preferences is a priority, with options for children and convenient takeaway or delivery in eco-friendly packaging.
Managed by a couple—a Balinese wife and Polynesian husband—the restaurant radiates a cozy, romantic Polynesian atmosphere.
Don't miss their Tahiti sashimi, Bora Bora poisson cru, Taha'a Mahi Mahi, Monamona Seabass, and unique Crepes featuring dragon fruit.
And don't forget to inquire about their freshly baked pies, often featuring local fruits such as papaya, mango, and banana.