Lilla Pantai

Type of place
One of the Best Beach Cafés in Sanur
This café boasts a wonderful atmosphere, coziness, cleanliness, friendly staff, and excellent value for money.
Decorated in a modern Balinese style with retro elements, it features old photos that capture the spirit of the "old Bali."
The natural sea breeze cools the café, eliminating the need for air conditioning. Several tables are right on the beach, allowing you to dine with your feet in the sand.
The menu offers high-quality, tasty Indonesian and European dishes, all prepared without MSG. Meat, fish, and vegetables are washed in mineral water. Spicy dishes are marked with a chili symbol.
There are many fish dishes, available baked or steamed. Notable choices include Lalapan (deep fried fish (or meat) with sambal sauce, stewed water spinach, and white rice), Fish Ginger (steamed snapper with ginger sauce, new potatoes, and vegetables), and Lilla Cordon Bleu (snapper fillet cordon bleu with cheese, shrimp sauce, French fries, and a green salad).
Breakfast is served from 8-11 AM, and an Indonesian lunch buffet, Nasi Campur, is available from 11 AM to 3 PM.
Taxes are 15%.