Coffee Korner

Type of place
A spacious café offering a diverse menu with delicious food at reasonable prices.
The décor blends calming white and purple tones with wooden floors and furniture, creating a relaxing ambiance flooded with natural light and fresh air.
The café attracts a loyal following among Europeans and Australians.
Their all-day breakfast features hearty options like various eggs and omelets, alongside sweet choices like pancakes and lighter fare such as fruit with yogurt.
For lunch, they serve sandwiches, wraps, and classic hot dogs, both meat and vegetarian.  
Notable dishes to try include Baked Spanish Eggs, Seafood Salad, Ayam Cah Jamur / Ayam Jahe (stir-fried chicken with mushrooms or paprika), and Chicken Curry with aromatic spices and coconut milk, served with rice.
Indonesian specialties like Beef Rendang and Nasi Goreng are highlights, complemented by a selection of baked goods and sweets, including the renowned "Ubud Raw" chocolate.
Orders are placed at the counter, where service is prompt and friendly, and prices are inclusive of all taxes.