Hungry Bird Coffee Roaster

Type of place
Located in Canggu, this café stands out as one of the most affordable yet delightful spots for breakfast.
With a charming European-style design reminiscent of Alsace cottages, it contrasts with its Balinese surroundings near Strawberry and Papaya Alleys.
Indoors, the café provides spacious seating with air conditioning, while outdoor areas accommodate smokers. It's particularly busy during breakfast, drawing a diverse crowd of locals and foreigners who often use it as a workspace. The cozy ambiance fosters concentration, supported by reliable internet access.
Must-tries include oatmeal porridge cooked in regular or coconut milk, topped with banana, papaya, and strawberries; a trio of pancakes with various toppings; a substantial big breakfast featuring eggs, bacon or sausages, grilled tomatoes, mushrooms or spinach, and multigrain toast; and the Hungry Bird Chicken, a hearty dish with chicken, red and yellow bell peppers, onions, served alongside rice and vegetables.
Orders are placed and settled at the counter, a norm for budget-friendly cafés.
Prices are straightforward with no additional taxes.