Clear Cafe

Type of place
Located in Ubud, this is one of the finest organic cafes in the area.
It stands out for its eco-friendly design that seamlessly merges with nature, offering a serene and harmonious atmosphere. The spacious cafe spans two floors with cozy corners, emphasizing relaxation - visitors are encouraged to remove their shoes upon entry and take a numbered spot.
The menu, guided by the motto "Eat the food you wish to be," focuses exclusively on healthy choices: vegan, vegetarian, raw food, and macrobiotic options made from premium organic ingredients sourced locally. Noteworthy dishes include the Sunshine Tuna with tamarind and wasabi, the diverse Hint of India curry, and indulgent desserts like the Raw Chocolate Pie and Key Lime Sublime Raw Pie with spirulina. Refreshing drinks like the Chilled Tropical Twister and aromatic Chai tea round out the experience.
Serving from 8 AM to 11 PM, the cafe caters well to remote workers with reliable Wi-Fi.
Adjacent shop offers wholesome snacks, while private parking and an in-house spa enhance convenience and relaxation.
However, it's cash only, and smokers must step outside due to a no-smoking policy, though the 20% tax rate applies.