Cafe Chakra Bali

Type of place
Located in a serene alley in Kerobokan, this family-owned café offers a tranquil atmosphere and welcoming service.
Operated by a friendly Japanese owner from her family home, the café features a decorative pool where guests can relax peacefully.
The menu emphasizes simple, homemade dishes with well-sized portions for satisfaction.
Breakfast options, including Japanese choices, are available from 7-11 AM, with flexibility for other times if ingredients permit.
For lunch, enjoy soups, sandwiches, burgers, onigiri, salads, and rice bowls. The owner's homemade pastries like apple pie and brownies are a must-try.
Prices are reasonable with no added taxes: breakfasts range from 25-50k, soups 15k, salads 25k, pastries 10-20k, and drinks 20-30k.
Don't miss their specialty items like Moringa Soup, Chakra Breakfast, Japanese-style Chicken Teriyaki Rice Bowl, and Chakra Dates Mix drink, all promising delightful flavors and nutritional benefits.