Alchemy Uluwatu

Pecatu (Uluwatu)
Type of place
An iconic buffet-style vegetarian café-restaurant where you can create your own bowl salad with various toppings and additions available at the café. The same goes for breakfast. They serve exclusively raw vegan dishes, almost entirely without heat processing (no meat, fish, or dairy products). There is also a regular menu; I recommend trying the Aloha pizza—it’s very tasty and interesting. There's also a huge selection of raw vegan desserts, including ice cream and chocolates made from natural ingredients without chemicals (as with all dishes here).
A small shop with organic products, including groceries and personal care items. The area is large with plenty of greenery, though it can get a bit hot.
This place is definitely worth a visit as a food experiment. Even if you are omnivorous, you will enjoy it here.
Besides food and different seating areas, Alchemy has a vegan goods shop and a separate room with a table by the window and power outlets. This cozy, cool space can be considered a makeshift coworking area. Reservations need to be made in advance by writing on WhatsApp or speaking with the administrator. You should do this at least one day before your desired visit. There are no private rooms for calls and no printer/scanner services. This space is combined with a cosmetics and accessories shop, so people might walk by. However, if you need to work outside your home but don't want to be in a traditional office, Alchemy is suitable.