Where to repair a surfboard in Bali

If you're actively surfing, sooner or later
The highest concentration of surf shops and repair workshops is, of course, in Kuta. These workshops are often combined with surf shops, where you can also order a custom board or rent one.
For repairing a small ding in Kuta, you can expect to pay around 50,000-100,000 Indonesian Rupiah. Repairing a board that's broken in half will cost approximately 400,000-500,000 Rupiah. Repairs for epoxy boards will be more expensive. If your board is made from some new material, you may have to pay more as well. Repair prices often depend on your relationship with the craftsman and your bargaining skills. If you regularly get your board fixed by the same craftsman and maintain a good relationship with them, they may gradually lower the repair costs.
Here are some known repair shops in Bali:


  • Naruki Surf Naruki
 is one of the most popular and high-quality repair shops in Kuta. They also have a wide selection of boards, including excellent used ones. They do repairs with great quality, highly recommended!
  This repair shop is located next to Sunny, a favorite surf shop for many in Kuta. Prices here are slightly lower than at Naruki. Sunny also has a variety of boards available, offers custom board orders, and allows board rentals for different durations.


  • Aki Ding Repair
The best repair shop in Canggu. They provide even better quality repairs than Naruki.
Located right on the shortcut.
  • Lada SurfBoards
A repair shop with good reviews near Batu Bolong Beach. Prices here are lower than at Aki.
  • Jungle Ding-repair
A repair shop with good reviews in Pererenan.


  • DING REPAIR KSD Surfboard
A repair shop with good reviews. They offer rentals and custom board manufacturing.
Location: Google Maps 
A repair shop with good reviews. They also make board bags.
Location: Google Maps 
Also highly rated.
Location: Google Maps 
  • Indo Surf Shop
Master Sammy specializes in epoxy repairs, and the quality is so good that you can't even tell where the cracks were.
Location: Google Maps 


  • Koming ding repair
A repair shop with excellent reviews.
Location: Google Maps
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