Where to Eat Mussels in Bali? Signature Mussel Recipes at 12 Urban Cafe

All mussel enthusiasts must visit the new gastronomic project, 12 Urban Cafe! Located in one of Bali's most popular areas – Batu Bolong, it's renowned for serving the tastiest mussels on the island's south coast, and this is absolutely true! Currently, it's the only establishment with such a variety of signature mussel preparations on the island.
The culture of consuming mussels here is truly cosmopolitan. Mussels, one of the most common mollusks, are found in almost every corner of the world's oceans. Their meat contains high-quality and easily digestible protein, equally beneficial as fish or meat protein.
Mussels are served in a special pot, looking extremely appetizing with a side of french fries and baguette toasts. For maximum enjoyment, don't forget to order white wine. Italian Pinot Grigio or Sauvignon Blanc from Australia and New Zealand would be suitable.
We ordered truffle mussels and mussels with blue cheese sauce. The portions were generous, and the creamy texture of the sauce combined with crispy baguette was simply delightful!
The menu offers 12 different signature recipes to suit every taste—Tom Yum, Carbonara, Pesto, Mushroom Sauce, Red Curry Sauce, Sweet Chili Pepper, and more. It's not a monothematic place; in addition to mussels, the menu includes salads, appetizers, pasta, burgers, and desserts.
Excellent international breakfast options are also available, featuring shakshuka, avocado toast, croissant with smoked salmon, chicken sandwich, omelet, and even cheesecakes.
Let's not forget about the interior. The restaurant is divided into three zones, each with a different music volume and lighting level. Traditional Balinese style with natural textures combined with modern trends. The restroom is a separate story—don't forget to take your phone; you'll need it for a selfie! I won't spoil the surprise; it's better to see it once...
It's a place without unnecessary pretense, where you can eat well, work productively, meet friends for a glass of wine. Prices, service quality, and friendly staff were also pleasing. Another favorite spot to add to the list.
Open from: 8:00-00:00
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