Where to eat in Canggu: cafe review

Bungalow Living Bali
"Very beautiful cafe! Pleasant and interesting design. Delicious drinks and sandwiches! They are open until 5:30 PM. I recommend it to everyone!"
Ons Waroeng
nice and inexpensive place. Delicious drinks, martabak, pizza and nothing else. The menu is very varied.
Hungry Bird Coffee
good coffee, inexpensive and tasty food. It's especially nice to come for breakfast.
Bu Mi (nasi champur)
"It is located a bit further away from the beach. Rice with toppings, everything is fresh and very inexpensive. The place is popular.
Monsieur Spoon
"A great French bakery in Canggu - Monsieur Spoon. Very tasty pastries! Try the croissants with chocolate or almonds - you won't regret it! The coffee is also good. There are seats outside in a pleasant garden."
Garden Canggu by Pizza House
Cafe in Canggu, near Ehobeach. Very tasty pizza!
A cafe that operates on the principle of 'breakfast all day.' The interior of the establishment is designed in a way that gives you the impression of being in a urban cafe rather than in rural fields.
Many tourists and expats who have been away from the big city for a while and prefer a rural lifestyle enjoy this cafe. They serve excellent Indonesian beans, aromatic coffee in beautiful cups, and provide shade on a hot afternoon.
An enclave of Ubud's New Age scene, tailored for Canggu. Modern design, a yoga studio, and a vegan cafe are part of the experience. The menu features delicious fresh salads and cocktails with a variety of grains, seeds, and sprouts.
Neon colors, ticking, giant margaritas, homemade fiery jalapeño sauce. The younger sibling of lāča Laca in Seminyak. It's a great place to watch sunsets and enjoy delicious Mexican dishes.
Here, you can even order gluten-free tortillas, but asking for non-spicy might not be a good idea. After all, it's Mexican cuisine, and its charm lies precisely in the aroma of chili, garlic, and other spices.
Warung Dandelion
Hard not to fall in love with this Dandelion. You can feel the coziness right by the water under the beautiful wooden canopy. The restaurant owner and the entire staff are extremely friendly and welcoming.

Iwa Restaurant at Hotel Tugu Bali

Tugu offers one of the most unique dining experiences in Canggu. You can choose your dinner menu from several options. For example, the "Afrodisiac Dinner" is served in bed on an antique double bed on the beach. The "Forbidden City Dinner" is presented by singing eunuchs on antique silver trays, reminiscent of the 18th-century Javanese temples. Every Thursday evening at 7:30 PM, Tugu hosts a cultural program featuring traditional Balinese dances during dinner. You can check all events on the hotel's website. It's recommended to make a reservation for dinner in advance.
Red salt cafe
If you are looking for a good and cheap option for local cuisine, we recommend checking out Red salt café. This cozy cafe-restaurant is located just five minutes from Echo beach, surrounded by rice fields.
The menu has several special dishes for children. The cafe has a swimming pool, so you can spend the whole day here pleasantly.
Another cafe not far from the Buta Bolong surf spot.
Quite a lot of people gather there. The food is delicious. The photo shows some of the dishes. And a photo of the menu they have on the wall.
Warung Corner
very cozy cafe. Nice atmosphere, good tasty cuisine. There is food for every taste: Indonesian, European, American. 
The prices are reasonable) The juices are delicious. The attitude of the hostess is also excellent!
I recommend to everyone)
Warung Dua Umalas
Oma Jamu
Highly recommend Vegan Warung in Canggu. It is located on Batubolong street. It's called Oma Jamu. Very tasty and cheap. You can also buy various seeds, oils, etc. there.
Milu By Nook
A large beautiful space in Balinese style, not far from Batu Bolong. Overlooking the rice fields, everything is immersed in greenery. There are cozy tables for couples and larger tables for up to 15 people. Delicious pancakes.
Nena Cafe
The most delicious shawarma in Bali. Packed in good paper, nothing leaks when you eat, and you can also take it with you to the beach for a picnic.
Machinery Canggu
Good menu, delicious coffee. Promotions are held frequently
Menu constructor. You can choose small portions of different dishes and thereby create your own breakfast or lunch.
Yema Kitchen
The place is very cozy, aesthetically pleasing, and quiet as it is located in an inner courtyard. Delicious food with magnificent presentation. Polite and attentive staff.
Tiga Canggu
A warung catering to the European audience with an affordable budget, offering a wide selection of dishes, all fresh and catering to different tastes and preferences. Desserts are also available.
Tiflis. Restaurant of Georgian cuisine
Warung Goûthé
A small cozy café with soft armchairs, serving classic French cuisine, pastries, and desserts.
Ons Waroeng
A great place with very reasonable prices and a diverse menu. The warung is two-story, with the second floor being spacious and tranquil.
Delicious coffee and breakfasts. The prices are good.
Brazilian Aussie BBQ @ Seminyak
Several types of meat, unlimited supply.
Si Jin Steakhouse
Korean cuisine
Usha cafe&bakery Canggu
Usha. Russian food, dumplings, borscht, Olivier salad and fresh cakes
Uma Garden By MyWarung
A very cozy place with Russian cuisine. There is live music
BARRIO & CO / Concept Store
In this café, on certain days, you can join salsa/bachata dance nights. There is no food, only drinks are served.
Secret Spot Canggu
on the map
Delicious cakes, breakfasts, vegan food.
There is a point on Berawa
Secret Spot Berawa
Kanvaz Pâtisserie by Vincent Nigita
A French patisserie and restaurant. Additionally, they serve incredibly tasty oatmeal and a fruit assortment with yogurt and nuts.
Cinta cafe
An excellent place for breakfast with a view of the green field and villas. The menu includes cottage cheese pancakes and Napoleon pastry.
Delicious hearty breakfasts, friendly staff, and a children's playground. Beautiful view of the rice fields. Tasty coffee and chocolate cake! Prices are slightly above average in Changgu. Live music is sometimes featured in the evenings.
Delicious breakfasts and coffee, large portions. There is parking. Open from 7:00 to 15:00.
Moana Fish Eatery
A delightful seafood restaurant. Delicious shrimp, tuna, salmon steak, and mahi-mahi soup are among the highlights.
Nyom Nyom Coffee
Promotion from 9-11 am on specific menu items: food + coffee/tea = 60 thousand rupiahs. Prices are very affordable. A wide selection of vegan and vegetarian dishes is available. They offer cottage cheese pancakes, borscht, and marshmallow in chocolate.
Alfajores Bali Cafe
An authentic Argentine café located in the heart of Umalas. Here, you can taste traditional dishes such as empanadas, dulce de leche, Milanesa sandwich, and many more. Every Saturday at 6:00 pm, they offer wine and empanadas.
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