Where to buy a suitcase?

Ace Hardware
Store for household goods. In the broadest sense of the word. Here you can find various household accessories, tools for repairs, bedding, and even sports goods. In addition to suitcases, there are various useful travel items such as vacuum bags for clothes, cubes for convenient division of things, passport covers, and toiletry bags.
Pusat Koper
A small shop selling cheap suitcases in Kuta. These suitcases are meant for "buy, use, and discard" scenarios. While it might survive more than one trip, consider it a pleasant surprise if it does.
Delta Dewata
You can also buy a suitcase in a large supermarket in Ubud - in Delta Dewata. True, the assortment is mostly made of fabric, but it’s inexpensive.
Bintang Supermarket
Coco Supermarket
In Ubud at the Coco supermarket on the second floor.
Bandung Collection
Chain of stores Bandung Collection. There are several of them around the island.
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