What clothes to take to Bali

Packing Your Suitcase ✈️ There's no one-size-fits-all travel capsule. Each person will have their own capsule based on: their appearance and style, the destination, the travel lifestyle, and the purpose of the trip - whether it's leisure or attending a work conference. • If you're heading to Asian countries for leisure, arriving at your hotel in the evening and planning to have active days; if you'll be riding a scooter and want to bring minimal items, here's how to pack:
Divide your items into two capsules - one for the streets and one for the beach. Here are some examples of items (photos included): Street: 🟡 Essential item - a thin windbreaker, preferably with a stand-up collar - it protects your neck from the sun and you can easily tuck your hair in there (I have an Adidas one). The sleeves should be slightly long and cover your wrists. A hoodie can be a substitute, but I find hoodies too hot and prefer a windbreaker 😜 A rain jacket might come in handy too, but you can easily find them for sale everywhere 💪🏻
🟡 Loose cotton SHIRT with long sleeves. A simple cut that goes well with everything! Blue for medium contrast, beige for light "translucent" types, and white for contrasting and vibrant ladies.
*One note - if you're planning to get around on a scooter, I don't recommend bringing your most favorite or branded items. Be prepared, the dust on the streets and the scorching sun can irreparably damage some of your belongings, leaving stains and sunburn marks 🙄
🟡 TROUSERS, not cropped. Or a jumpsuit. The fabric composition should include some synthetic material as well - the item should be stretchy, breathable, and not wrinkle easily. Surprisingly, the most suitable item for me during long scooter trips is a ribbed polyester jumpsuit. Linen with viscose didn't work well for me - it doesn't stretch and is uncomfortable. Denim is too hot and not convenient. Pay close attention to the fabric composition 🙏. Also, for short denim shorts, there can be issues like skin irritation from dirt and sweating from the seat 🤗.
🟡 During long trips to remote beaches in hot climates, these three items will provide good sun protection 🌴.
🟡 In hot climates, swelling is common. For this reason, items with minimal closures and loose fit are the best choice. Denim shorts might not be the best option here - they're too tight and can be uncomfortable in the heat. One long DRESS or jumpsuit (from my subjective opinion) might be more convenient than a shorts + T-shirt combo, especially for long trips. You can throw on a shirt on top, and you're protected from the sun!
🟡 Tops - you should have three times more tops than bottoms. I would prefer a T-shirt, a basic camisole top, and a tank top. If you're protecting yourself from the sun, consider adding a thin long-sleeve shirt (a T-shirt with long sleeves).
🟡 Additional bottom - a loose skirt. All your clothes should be comfortable, so pencil skirts won't work – you won't be able to get on the scooter in them!
🟡 For evening outings, a combination dress would be perfect. It's advisable to choose fitted options in the chest area so you can wear them without a bra!
🟡 Footwear - definitely lightweight sneakers (they're comfortable for flying and you'll often wear them due to safety while riding a scooter); flip-flops - I really like the rubber Ipanema brand, a Brazilian eco-friendly brand available on the island. Their advantage is they're perfect for everyday wear, and you won't worry like you would with leather alternatives if you get caught in the rain 😜. I would also add a pair of elegant evening sandals WITHOUT HEELS or with a small kitten heel if you have space in your luggage: when you're certain you'll be indoors and can afford to prioritize style over practicality.
🟡 Bags - since you'll be stowing your bag in the trunk, it's better to opt for a small one. A waist bag is also better kept inside, as thieves are always on the lookout 🐻. One bag is sufficient.
🟡 Accessories - hair ties and clips, an abundance of chains, pearls, shell chokers, and ankle bracelets look beautiful 😍.
❌ Not needed:
➖ underwear with push-up inserts - it's very hot. At most, if the size allows, opt for underwear with soft cups. If you can go without underwear - 💪🏻
➖ high heels - not suitable, not comfortable, just not necessary :)
➖ hair styling sprays, irons, hair dryers - the scooter helmet will take care of that for you 😂
➖ books - prefer electronic versions!
➖ clothes that wrinkle, linen - if you're not spending days in a luxury hotel by the pool with a cosmopolitan, but rather actively traveling - it's not your story.
➖ oversized earrings: they will interfere with the helmet, at most 1 pair for the evening);
Thank you for your attention, and I'll be glad to see you on my Instagram 
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