Where can you buy a mercury thermometer in Bali?

Very often, feeling a high temperature, our tourists in Bali go to the pharmacy in search of a thermometer and find only electronic devices there. Not everyone is accustomed to them and not everyone likes to use them. After visiting a couple of pharmacies, our citizens become desperate. Is it possible to find a mercury thermometer in Bali?
Indeed, large chain pharmacies like Kimia Farma or Guardian only sell electronic thermometers. Also, electronic thermometers are sold by online pharmacies like k24klik.com, goapotik.com, farmaku.com.
But that doesn't mean that traditional thermometers as we know them cannot be found. Try looking for them in regular small non-chain pharmacies. You can find them by opening Google Maps and typing the word "Apotek" (which means pharmacy in Indonesian) in the search bar.
Often in such pharmacies, the staff may not be very fluent in English, so you might need to use your Indonesian language skills or simply show a picture of the item you're looking for.
These mercury thermometers can be found in local non-chain pharmacies.
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