Where can I play paintball or airsoft on Bali?

Among the many entertainments in Bali, there is also paintball, so if you suddenly feel like some excitement and team play - no problem. Unfortunately, many paintball clubs did not survive the pandemic, but two of the most resilient ones have managed to survive and are ready to welcome you.
The selection is not extremely diverse, but it's quite sufficient. The main thing is not to forget to book your spots in advance, and then adrenaline and fun are guaranteed.
In addition to paintball, there is also an airsoft club in Bali. Airsoft is considered a more professional activity, games follow strict rules, and interesting scenarios are created for each event, where each side has its own objective. From personal experience, I can say that airsoft pellets travel farther and typically hurt more, especially if shooting at a person from a distance of less than 10 meters, serious injuries can occur. Plus, the game requires a certain level of honesty because, unlike paintball, airsoft pellets, which are not filled with paint, don't leave marks on clothing.

Paintball Canggu

They call themselves the largest field in Bali, and they have every right to do so. These guys have three excellently equipped fields designed for battles with 4 to 15 fighters. The fields are themed: a village, jungle, and a field with inflatable structures. The fourth field is created by combining the last two. Additionally, this club has excellent realistic Tippmann TMC Marker "Guns."
You can choose from 10 games such as "Annihilation," "Capture the Flag," "Protect the President," and "Zombies." Just from the names, it's clear that it won't be boring. Prices start at 200,000 Indonesian Rupiahs, in which case you need to buy the pellets separately, or 430,000 Indonesian Rupiahs, which includes 300 pellets in the package. Based on experience, this quantity is typically enough for plenty of gameplay. There's also the option to negotiate for larger games and receive discounts.
WhatsApp (calls and texts): +62 811-3888-571

Jimbaran Hill Paintball

As the name suggests, the club is located in Jimbaran, right in the heart of the Bukit Peninsula, not far from GWK Park. The cost of the game per person starts at 275,000 Indonesian Rupiahs. It includes 100 pellets, water, and field marshals. Naturally, games should be booked in advance. The minimum number of players is 4, although as the support team mentioned, "technically, you can have 2 players, but that's quite sad."
The field is a combination of jungles, abandoned houses, and artificial obstacles like tires and wooden fences. The markers at the club are standard, without any frills.
WhatsApp (calls and texts): +62 877 6045 4222

Extreme Combat Sport (Airsoft)

The only airsoft club in Bali is located in Denpasar, and you need to inquire about games and prices via WhatsApp. In essence, it's a shop for airsoft equipment and upgrades, but they also organize games. Locations change each time, and the package costing 500,000 Indonesian Rupiahs includes 300 pellets, a mask, and clothing. Footwear is not included in the package.
In a separate conversation with Wayan, the owner, he mentioned that a significant number of professionals and former military personnel from Australia, the United States, and Croatia participate in the games. They adhere to strict rules, including safety measures. That's why he carefully ensures that participants follow these rules. The club does not support private games involving large groups of non-professionals. If you're interested in the world of airsoft and would like to try this rather interesting extreme sport, Wayan recommends simply participating in the general games held every Sunday to get an understanding of the game and its rules. However, even from the photos, it's evident that this is a bit more serious than paintball.
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