Wedding in Bali: How much does it really cost?

The excited young sun-kissed guy in a linen shirt cannot hide his emotions as he stands by the arch of living flowers, waiting for her... Soon, she will appear - in a light, flowing dress, with curls infused with salt. Instead of an orchestra at this wedding, there's the sound of the surf and the singing of tropical birds. And among the witnesses - the elements. A bubbling ocean with azure-colored water, warm air saturated with the aroma of tropical plants and flowers, and the land covered in volcanic sand. A wedding on the enchanting Bali is something out of a childhood dream, a fairy tale, or a movie. However, bringing such a picture to life is much cheaper than it seems.
If you calculate everything correctly and prepare accordingly, such a wedding can turn out to be very budget-friendly. According to the estimates of Wedding Magazine, couples spend around 700 thousand rubles (11,000 USD) on a modest wedding. The average is considered to be one where expenses reach 40,000 USD. Meanwhile, a wedding on a volcano, white sandy beach, or in the midst of the jungle can be organized for as little as 3,510 USD. Yes, at such a celebration, the sister of your cousin's husband may not raise a toast for the newlyweds, but the memories of this wedding adventure will last a lifetime in the new family. Not to mention the photos that you'll want to revisit again and again.
The marriage registration itself on the other side of the world practically costs nothing. You can manage with just 30 dollars (this is the consular fee for issuing an official certificate). The major portion of expenses for such a wedding comes from airfare and accommodation, especially if you decide to bring along parents and friends. Although, on the other hand, you would have spent on a honeymoon anyway. Here, you get two in one. Moreover, you've delighted your parents by showing them paradise beaches.
But that's not the only saving. The earlier you start preparing, the smaller the final amount will be.


To buy tickets to Bali with the maximum discount, it is better to do it in advance.
Advice! Try to arrive in Bali a few days before your registration date to allow you to calmly go through the acclimatization period.


In advance, you can also find accommodation for yourself. The choice in Bali is vast, and an Instagram-worthy view is not exclusive to luxurious 5-star hotels. You can consider villas, bungalows, and even guesthouses. Prices for them start from 5 USD per night. This is sufficient if you plan to spend the majority of your vacation exploring the island on a bike, visiting something new every day: rice terraces, waterfalls, temples, volcanoes, and the world's best beaches. In this case, a room is only needed for a place to stay overnight.
But you shouldn’t skimp on your first wedding night. To do this, take a closer look at the Honeymoon Suites. Such a room will cost more - from 100 USD per night, but this is the same unforgettable night! As an addition, you can order yourself a romantic dinner or go for spa treatments. Another item that will require advance preparation is the legalization of marriage.


Most ceremonies held in Bali are symbolic. This means that even after exchanging rings, the couple does not acquire legal spousal rights. However, there are ways to get legally married in Bali.
For this, the wedding must be conducted according to the laws of Indonesia, with the presence of a local registrar. You will need to gather a package of documents, including not only a certificate stating that neither of the couple is currently married but also, for example, a baptism certificate. For Balinese people, the religion of the future spouses is crucial—they must belong to the same faith. Additionally, you'll have to travel to Jakarta for another document. There, at the Embassy, you'll need to obtain a certificate of the right to marry. This is not to mention that later, the Indonesian marriage certificate will need to be legalized in your home country, which will also take some time.
If you don’t want to spend energy on this yourself, you can contact a wedding agency. The service costs about 1150 USD. But you will still have to collect documents in your country yourself.
So, the organizational issues are closed - now the most important thing. What you have been planning your trip to Bali for so long.
Is it possible to save money on the ceremony?


Here, everything depends on what the couple wants. The choice of venue, whether there will be guests at the ceremony, the need for live music, who will do the bride's makeup, and who will capture everything in photos and videos—all these factors play a role. As with anywhere else, there are no price restrictions.
The simplest and budget-friendly option is a wedding photoshoot in Bali. Many dream of it, but not everyone is ready to make it happen. Yet, capturing moments on the white sandy beaches by the ocean or on volcanic lava is as easy as it gets. Bali is known for having a large number of photographers and videographers who will gladly create memorable shots for you. You might find yourself overwhelmed by the hundreds of portfolios to choose from. However, be cautious—most of these professionals work without permission. This means that the photoshoot could be abruptly interrupted by immigration officers at any moment. It's better to choose from those who have permission to work in Indonesia.
In such a case, you can consider the services of wedding agencies. Firstly, you'll have peace of mind knowing that everything is legal. Secondly, for an additional fee, they can provide you with outfits and organize wedding decor. The minimum package for a wedding photoshoot will cost around 350 USD.
If you want everything to be like a real destination wedding, look into the offerings of wedding agencies. There are not many left after the pandemic, but large companies continue their work. Most of them have wedding packages for every budget. Although options can be customized to your liking.
Here are a few agencies that continue to organize weddings in Bali (as of November 2022):  
Bali Wedding
The most budget-friendly option is the "Symbolic registration on the Balangan Cliff" package for 950 USD, which includes:
- Wedding arch
- Registration table
- Petal aisle
- Bride's bouquet
- Master of ceremonies
- Wedding certificate
- Wedding coordinator
The most expensive package is the "Wedding at Villa Morabito Art Cliff" for 2990 USD, which includes:
- Photographer for 3 hours
- 2 nights in a penthouse with a jacuzzi
- Romantic dinner for two
- Relaxing massage for two
- Wedding makeup and hairstyle
- Arch of living flowers, other decorations
- Champagne, fruits, drinks, cake
- Wedding butler
- Ceremony host
- Live music
Tel: +6287779997725 (Whatsapp, Viber);
Skype: @BaliWedding
The most budget-friendly option is the "Beach Wedding (Melasti Beach)" package for 1200 USD, which includes:
- Stylist for the bride
- Wedding cake
- Transfer
- Balinese pastor
- Photographer
- Welcome drink
- Basket of fruits
- Commemorative certificate
The most expensive package is the "Wedding in Gili" for 2930 USD, which includes:
- Transfer
- Hairstyling and makeup
- Bridal preparation room
- Wedding photoshoot (3 hours)
- Decorations
- Romantic night in a tropical bungalow with breakfast
- Ceremony host
- Dinner at the wedding location
- Commemorative certificate
Exotic option - "Royal Wedding" for 2120 USD, which includes everything necessary for a traditional Balinese wedding. Costumes, hairstyling, and makeup are provided. Be prepared to be carried to the wedding venue by "courtiers," played by locals. Balinese orchestras will provide the musical accompaniment. Must-haves for decorations include Balinese bouquets, offerings, and incense. Such a wedding involves rituals, including sacrifices. Afterward, enjoy a royal dinner, Balinese dances, live music, and, optionally, cockfighting.
Tel: +628 777 999 77 26 (WhatsApp, Viber),
MIX Bali Events
The most budget-friendly option is the "Wedding Ceremony for Two" package for 1380 USD (regardless of the location), which includes:
- Ceremony with a Christian or Balinese priest (choice of one)
- Personalized certificate
- Bride's bouquet or head wreath
- Arch of living flowers or tent
- Other decorations
- Wedding cake
- Makeup and hairstyle
- Transfer
The most expensive package is the "Lotus Wedding" for 2000 USD, which includes:
- Stay in a romantic room with jungle view (1 night)
- Breakfast on a boat
- Wedding ceremony above the jungle and mountain river
- Romantic candlelit dinner
- Personalized certificate
- Bride's bouquet
- Arch of living flowers or tent
- Other decorations
- Wedding cake
- Makeup and hairstyle
- Coordinator
There is also an option referred to as a "Luxury Wedding" in the agency, with prices starting from 12,000 USD. These weddings take place in upscale hotels and luxury villas. The ceremony can be held on a floating platform surrounded by cascading pools and tropical landscapes.
+62 (812) 38900 667
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